KB Whirly’s “Camp Songs Volume 1” Kindie Music for Families


KB Whirly’s “Camp Songs Volume 1” Kindie Music for Families

Featuring Classic Summer Camp Favorites and New Originals Releasing June 17, 2016!

When you grow up in the mountains of Appalachia surrounded by the forest and trees of places like Wayne National like I did, you know a thing or two about camping.  Whether it was outside in my backyard, going on a camper van trip with my grandparents to bluegrass festivals or sleeping under the stars in a sleeping bag like I did many times in high school, I loved being outside.  I had a few formal camping adventures such as with the Girl Scouts, school trips, and some interesting adventures at a place called Camp Tippecanoe, and I always gravitated to the music.  Whether it was listening to others play and sing camp songs, or much later, when I would play guitar and sing, camping songs were always a fun way to pass the time in the wilderness.  As summer starts and kids are off to their own camp adventures, KB Whirly’s new release called “Camp Songs Volume 1” meshes the old with the new in a fun-loving barn-burner of an album.

When I first heard about KB Whirly’s album, I was intrigued because it includes special musical guests like Jazzy Ash and Alastair Moock, which are artists I enjoy and have featured on my blog several times over the years.  I got sucked in to listening because I enjoy the traditional camp songs like “The Bumble Bee Song” and “Say Say My Playmate”, and of course, who doesn’t know the classic camp song, “Hello Muddah”!  Plus the album also features Dean Jones, Josh Shriber (Josh and the Jamtones) and a really fun ‘Kindie Chorus’ that includes artists like former Austinite Red Yarn.  I was like, “How have I not heard about KB Whirly before?” and “I have to hear this album right now!”  As excited as I was to sit down and play it with my family, it was actually an even better experience than I had imagined because many of these songs took me back to my youth and even the original songs are well-crafted and sound as if they fit in to timeless camping trips of years gone by.  It’s the kind of folksy soulful music that I love and sharing it with my two girls is a special experience each time I play it.

KB Whirly’s “Camp Songs Volume 1” Track Listing:

  1. Camp Song
  2. Reveille
  3. Hello Mudda
  4. Not Goin’ Swimmin’
  5. The Princess Pat
  6. Hole in My Bucket (Featuring Jazzy Ash)
  7. The Littlest Worm
  8. The Bumble-Bee Song
  9. Scary Gary
  10. Peter Piper’s Pickle Palace
  11. Theft of the Red Canoe
  12. Ricky Ticki Toomba
  13. Taps
  14. Say Say My Playmate (with Alastair Moock and the Kindie Chorus)

“Camp Songs Volume 1” takes you on a journey deep in the woods where the fireflies dance in the night and smoke from the campfire slowly rises and settles to make the trees look misty as the sun goes down.  I felt like drinking ‘Bug Juice’ and making S’mores as soon as KB’s original first song “Camp Song” came roaring into my ears.  Each song has a warm feeling of déjà vu, and even the interesting New Orleans jazz take on the traditional song, “Hole in My Bucket” by the lovely Jazzy Ash is a wonderful take on an old classic.  You hear kazoos, mandolins, banjos, and even – TRUMPETS.  Yup.  It’s fun and playful and the last track of “Say Say My Playmate” makes you feel as if you are surrounded by old camping buddies having a blast around a big fire.  If your little ones are going off to camp for the first time or just having a nighttime excursion in the backyard, this enjoyable album has arrived perfectly in time for the summer camping months.  I only hope that the title of the album means there is a Volume II coming out soon!  Well done, KB Whirly, you have a new family of fans.

Check it out!  KB will be performing a live mini concert on his Facebook page from his studio this Friday (6/16/16) at 7PM EST to celebrate the album’s release that day.


About KB Whirly:  KB Whirly is a Boston based magical, groovy, get up and dance, one-man band who sings with passion, charm, and humor.  KB’s throwback vibe could be compared to Dick Van Dyke’s character from Mary Poppins.  He’s a folksy, hand clappin’ toe tapping troubadour with great lyrics – serving up comedy, poignancy, and irrepressible fun for the whole family.

KB Whirly’s “Camp Songs Volume 1” Kindie Music for Families


List Price: $ 13.86 (Available for digital download)

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