Recess Monkey Releases New Album “Novelties” with Amazon Music


Recess Monkey Releases New Album “Novelties” with Amazon Music

On June 17 the album will be available for digital download and CD purchase on Amazon Music as well as on Prime Music for Amazon Prime members to listen ad-free at no additional cost to their membership.

Recess Monkey FREE Downloads

Let’s start off with the good stuff !  Recess Monkey, a Seattle-based prolific touring band whose members happen to be TEACHERS (so cool!) are at the top of the national independent family music scene.  They will launch Novelties, a new album of 14 quirky original songs, exclusively with Amazon Music on June 17!   The single, “Time to Make the Donuts” has been available FOR FREE since June 8, 2016 for Amazon Prime members and that’s good until 6/23/2016, so download NOW while you still can.  Starting on June 17, 2016 the album will also be available on Prime Music for Amazon Prime members to listen ad-free at no additional cost to their membership.  Yes!  Did I ever mention how much I love Amazon Prime?  I have!  OK, moving on…..


When I think of the word ‘novelties’ my brain goes back to a small, quaint, eclectic little store in SE Ohio that was called Wendelkens.  It had every little knick-knack you could think of and the layout of the store made very little sense with the exception of the ‘back area’.  Everything was so interesting, so strange, and FUN.  The infamous ‘back area’ were where adult novelties were included and NO KIDS WERE ALLOWED.  This meant I was immediately drawn to that area.  Now, I’m not talking about porn or anything, Wendelkens wasn’t THAT kind of shop, it was just things that people would think were offensive to kids or adults who were sticks-in-the-mud.  In fact, one of my goals from the first time I stepped inside the store at age 9 was to be able to look through all the items in Wendelkens back area, which I finally did when I was a teenager.  To be honest, it wasn’t exciting and the most ‘X-rated’ item was literally a light switch plate with a hand-drawn graphic of a flasher – I won’t go into detail, I’m sure you are smart enough to figure out how that might look.  ANYWAY, the Recess Monkey’s new album name immediately gave me a good vibe because it made me think of my love of Wendelkens and how, even to this day, I can’t pass a knick-knack shop without going inside!

Recess Monkey Releases New Album “Novelties”

When I read more about Recess Monkey’s new album ‘Novelties’, I realized that it isn’t just implying originality or funky little knick knacks, it’s actually directly referring to the frosty treats found in grocery stores and ice cream trucks.  Ahhhh, so the ice cream truck on the front cover all makes sense now! Ice cream novelties are basically any sort of interesting ice cream or frozen treat ranging from the well known Klondike bars to Good Humor’s King Cone Chocolates.  My personal favorite as a child was a Strawberry Scooter Crunch bar and it was a REALLY BIG treat if we ever got one.  OK, now I’m thinking about ice cream……..uh oh!

Luckily, I’m able to channel my ice cream urges by listening to the first track of Recess Monkey’s ‘Novelties’ which is called “Every Flavor” that includes 753 ice-cold varieties!  YUM!  This album starts out slow with harmonies and quickly speeds up to be fast and fun and is continued throughout the entire 14 tracks.  “Time to Make Donuts” and “Chasing My Tail” were Brooke’s personal favorites and Brie danced and hopped around for almost all the songs (which is an impressive feat for a 2 1/2 year old!)  Personally, I had the most fun dancing with my girls to “Sweaty Yeti” because I love simple distorted lead guitars and this song is full of them.  It’s so much fun to dance and sing to this album and I am still hopeful to one day see Recess Monkey live with my girls.  After all, this is the FIFTH time I’ve reviewed one of their albums on my blog and I’m pretty sure they haven’t played in Austin since 2011 so we have never crossed paths outside of a speaker box.  Maybe 2016 will be my lucky year to make it happen!

Recess Monkey and The Beatles?

The Recess Monkey trio are HUGE fans of The Beatles, so we have something else in common.  The cover art for Novelties visually refers to The Beatles White Album.  Interesting!  Another thing to note, The Beatles produced a total of 13 albums in their career as the Fab Four, and Novelties just happens to be Recess Monkey’s 13th album.  Coincidence?  Doo doo doo doo!  Side note:  October marks my husband’s and my 13th wedding anniversary, so I do think there must be something to that LUCKY # 13!  Yay!

Novelties Track Listing:

  1. Every Flavor
  2. Sweaty Yeti
  3. Show and Tell
  4. Chasing My Tail
  5.  Snowball
  6.  Piggyback
  7.  Bear With a Bear
  8.  Mustaches of the World
  9.  Smitten for Kitten
  10.  Time to Make the Donuts
  11.  Wind up Robot
  12.  Lovestruck Unicorn
  13.  The Band Next Door
  14.   My Guitar

TOUR!  Recess Monkey will celebrate the release of Novelties with several summer concerts, where they kicked off at Seattle’s Northwest Folklife Festival on Memorial Day, May 30th and includes shows during Lollapalooza in Chicago. Visit for the latest updates.

Who are Recess Monkey?  Recess Monkey is a nationally acclaimed trio of teachers – Jack Forman (vocals, bass), Drew Holloway (lead vocals, guitar) and Korum Bischoff (drummer) – who make smart rock and pop music for kids and families. Time Out New York named them as one of the top three family music bands in America, and as USA Today notes, “There are bands you can’t go wrong with, and this is one of them.” The band tours nationally and has appeared at Symphony Space in NYC, World Café Live in Philadelphia, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles and with Teatro ZinZanni and the Seattle Symphony in their home town, among many other venues. Recess Monkey also leads Seattle’s Kindiependent artist collective. Most weekdays, young fans around the world chat with Forman during his “Live from the Monkey House” show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Their previous 12 albums have won numerous awards and international acclaim. To learn more about Recess Monkey visit and get updates on their Facebook page.

Note:  Guests on Novelties include Johnny Bregar (mandolin, banjo, wurly), Sean Jensen (saxophone), Alex Guy (violin and viola), Roger Ferguson (fiddle), and Scott Morning (trumpet). Los Angeles based composer Jherek Bischoff created the orchestral arrangements on “Sweaty Yeti” and “Smitten for Kitten.”

Recess Monkey Releases New Album “Novelties” with Amazon Music

List Price: $ 12.99 (CD) or $ 8.99 (MP3)

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