Beat the Summer Heat With the New Hard Candy Brow Ink (Beauty for Moms)


Beat the Summer Heat With the New Hard Candy Brow Ink

Beat the summer heat and achieve brows with staying power. 

To be quite honest, I never thought much about my eyebrows until a few years ago.  There is an eyebrow threading store in our local mall and a few years ago on a whim, I went in and they ‘did’ my eyebrows.  For those who don’t know, eyebrow threading is a method of hair removal that originated in Asia where a thin thread is used to wrap and pull lines of hair of the eyebrows in minutes.  It was quick, relatively painless and shaped my brows nicely.  However, they commented that I had ‘light’ hair in my eyebrows and that they were on the ‘thin’ side.  I was like, “Ok”.  What was I going to say?  That’s how my eyebrows were created!  Ha!  Since then, I’ve kept up with keeping my eyebrows in shape, but almost every time I get my eyebrows threaded, they comment on getting my eyebrows tinted to a darker shade.  Tinted?  I have very pale skin and light-brown hair with highlights, so tinting my eyebrows to a darker shade seemed strange, but I am no make-up expert.  After thinking about it and researching, I decided I would give it a try with something a little less permanent when I learned of Hard Candy’s new Brow Ink that lasts a full 24 hours.  I wanted to see how my eyebrows would look slightly darker without the permanency of tinting, so why not?  The ink is only $6.00 per tube, so I figured it was worth a shot.

Hard Candy’s new Brow Ink includes a long lasting ink gel formula that instantly darkens and defines brows for up to 24 hours.  Hard Candy says it’s perfect for the summer because the heat won’t affect the ink.  Sounds promising, right?  What I really like about the formula and why I decided to try it is because the ink is actually henna fruit that nourishes your hair on the eyebrows and with the long wear ink technology it allows the tint to stay on the brows for a full 24 hours despite the heat of the summer.  Yes, it is WATERPROOF!  So without any experience, I thought I’d test out the whole eyebrow tinting product and see if this is something that might actually make a difference to my overall look before deciding to use actual tint that lasts even longer.  And, for my readers, I thought I’d bring you along with this journey and see how it goes!

Eyebrows BEFORE:

FullSizeRender  This is my natural eyebrows that were threaded recently.  As you can see, I have a naturally light eyebrow hair color. 

Eyebrows AFTER:

FullSizeRender  After I put on the Hard Candy Brow Ink, I had to add some mascara since my light eyelashes looked a little weird…and then added some eye shadow! 

As you can see from these UN-filtered pictures, the brow ink made an instant and noticeable change in my eye brows.  It was slightly shocking at first and I immediately said, “I need mascara now!” because having dark eyebrows without dark eye lashes looked a little weird.  It totally changed my look and while the initial shock wore off, I did indeed like it!  In fact, my husband said he noticed it right away, too.  While I may not tint my brows every day, it’s so simple to do and I do plan on making it a habit when I put on make-up.  Perhaps the ladies who thread my brows were right, my brows did need to be a shade darker.  Who knew?  I really loved the fun change and for just six dollars a tube, it’s a very cost-effective way to make a pretty drastic change to my face.

Beat the Summer Heat With the New Hard Candy Brow Ink

List Price: $ 6.00 (The Hard Candy Brow Ink is available only at Walmart and

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