“Wake Up and Sing” with Red Yarn


“Wake Up and Sing” with Red Yarn

Folksongs and Puppetry for Families

Red Yarn (aka Andy Furgeson who is an Austin native) is a family performer and teaching artist in Portland, OR.  Since 2012, Red Yarn has played more than 200 shows a year and has worked with thousands of children at elementary and preschools.  His first album, The Deep Woods, was critically acclaimed.  His second album, Deep Woods Revival, was a wonderful tale of how Red Yarn spent his summer at his grandparents’ farm by a mysterious forest.  Our family got to see Andy perform his music at the Scottish Rite Theater last year and it was a magical experience.  We have been anticipating his latest album Wake Up and Sing which is available on April 22 and produced by GRAMMY award winner, Dean Jones.  We were not disappointed!

Music has always been about the experience for me so I get excited when performers put on a captivating show.  Sharing music with my family has always been a huge joy for me and Red Yarn will always stand out, etched in my happy memory bank, of wonderful experiences my girls and husband and I were and are able to enjoy.  Red Yarn interweaves puppetry and song with a folk and hymnal twist that feeds the imagination and gets us dancing.  Wake Up and Sing’s 11-track album starts off with the lovely “Beautiful Day” about waking up and singing to the enchanting “Sleepy Song” that is a sweet lullaby to get our wee ones ready for bed.  Red Yarn performs his harmonies with wife, Jessie Eller-Isaacs, and his guitar and banjo riffs perfectly dance along in the background.  Our absolute favorite song on the album is the gem “Welcome to the World” and I can’t help but think that Red Yarn’s new addition to the family (Andy and Jessie welcomed a baby in February 2015) had a lot to do with this track!  Interestingly, Andy headed to the Hudson River Valley just a month later to find inspiration to write this very album.  It’s a lovely family adventure and we hope to catch Red on his next trip to A-town to relive the experience in person.

Track Listing

  1. Beautiful Day
  2. Wake Up
  3. I Had a Rooster
  4. Clap Your Hands
  5. Hound Dog Song
  6. Fourth Day of July
  7. Molly Cottontail
  8. By the Light
  9. Hop Little Squirrel
  10. Welcome to the World
  11. Sleepy Song

Hire Red Yarn!  Red Yarn offers musical puppet shows for schools, libraries, community events and birthday parties.  He includes a lot of audience participation, energy and movement in his 30-45 minute sets filled with folksongs, puppetry and storytelling. Check out the link here if you are interested in having Red Yarn entertain your group!

“Wake Up and Sing” with Red Yarn


List Price: $ 12.00 ($9.00 for digital download)

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