Are You Listening? release by Kindie band The Not-Its! (family-friendly music)

Are You

Are You Listening? release by Kindie band The Not-Its! (family-friendly music)

Music to be listened to under the supervision of your children! Lead singer Sarah Shannon of Velocity Girl.

Parental Advisory Warning–  This music is to be listened to under the supervision of children!
Before I start this review of The Not-Its latest album, I’ll let you in on a great way to hear awesome new kindie music for FREE.  If you are an Austinite with young kids, I have to tell you that you must listen to Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child on KUTX 98.9, every Sunday at 6:00 pm.  The Austin Chronicle has called his family-friendly show, “A family radio phenomenon.”  The brainchild behind the program is Bill Childs, and I have had the pleasure of meeting him after a Red Yarn show at the Scottish Rite Theater last year and have seen him at numerous music shows geared towards families, many that he sponsors, all around Austin.  Bill has been following The Not-Its! since they first released their first full-length album, and even if you are not an Austinite, you can stream his radio program from his website for free, too.  His love of family friendly music is real and he has amazing music guests, lots of fantastic music, and is responsible for putting together lots of free music concerts for our area, such as the Hush Hush Fest at the Domain.  You too can become a music reviewer, if just in your own home, by listening to Bill’s show and learning more about what kindie music has to offer.  That brings me to my next paragraph, which is that The Not-Its! have a brand new album and you are sure to hear many of their soon-to-be hits on the radio soon!
When you think of the term ‘kindie rock’, the band The Not-Its! should come to mind. The band is a member of the Seattle based Kindiependent collective of family music bands, along with Caspar Babypants, Recess Monkey, and The Harmonica Pocket.  The Not-Its! hit the ground running, winning an award for their debut record in 2009 and this Seattle-based band has not slowed down.  When you win a Fids & Kamily music award for one of the best children’s music albums on your very first album you have a lot to prove in your follow-up releases and The Not-Its! have done just that.  The crunchy guitar-filled hooks and kid-focused lyrics get kids (and their parents) up and dancing.  The band honors their Seattle punk scene past and this 6th studio album is definitely kindie punk rock produced by John Goodmanson and designed by Jesse LeDoux.
Are you a parent who loves punk rock?  “Are You Listening?” does not disappoint and this hopping punk rock album will have kids and families ready to hit the floor dancing.  As a parent who loves music, I realized early on that it’s important to find music that both the kids and parents love because the kiddos are sure to request their favorites over, and over, and OVER again.  Unless you want to get stuck hearing the same song that you already despise, I suggest finding music that your whole family can love.  It’s my entire reason for seeking out awesome kindie bands like The Not-Its!

Not Its  Who Are The Not-Its?

The Not-Its! have been touring nationally for years from athletic and anthemic all-ages rock music.  The lead vocalist, Shannon, is someone you may recognize as the singer of 90’s Sub Pop band, Velocity Girl.  For you parents out there who grew up in the 90’s listening to punk, you will know exactly who I’m talking about.  The Not Its are Sarah Shannon (former singer Sub Pop band Velocity Girl), Danny Adamson (rhythm guitar), Tom Baisden (lead guitar), Jennie Helman (bass player) and Michael Welke (former drummer of Harvey Danger). As parents, they add 10 (yes, T-E-N!) children to the crowd, ranging in ages 3-11, so you know they are making music with their little ones in mind.  “Are You Listening?” has been highly anticipated by lovers of kindie music and it’s now available for purchase.

“Are You Listening?” has a wonderful energy with hilarious and relate-able lyrics that will resonate with fans.  Brooke loves the song, “Don’t Fear the Dentist” and I personally like “Traffic Jam” and “Granddad is a Spy.”  Their sound is high energy and that’s what we like when we want to ROCK OUT.  It’s an up-tempo album that you will enjoy hearing over and over.  Make sure to check out the ‘shows‘ section of their website (and while you are at it, check out their ‘videos‘ page!) to see if they are performing in your area.  Hey, maybe Bill Childs will be able to coordinate an Austin show with the band in 2016!  You know I will keep you posted.  Grab your pink & black tutus and skinny ties and join The Not-Its! Nation.

“Are You Listening?” Track Listing:

  1. Dance with Me
  2. Done with the Science Fair
  3. Granddad is a Spy
  4. Washington D.C.
  5. Don’t Fear the Dentist
  6. Traffic Jam
  7. Bird on a Wire
  8. Kid of the Week
  9. Brain Freeze
  10. Bring your Friends

Speaking of live music acts coming to Austin, Want to do Spare The Rock SXSW Style in 2016?!  Spare the Rock has hooked us up and is offering THREE shows during the SXSW events specifically for kids and families!  And – since I wrote this review post before I knew about these shows – you will see The Not-Its! are playing in the Rock and Read event line-up (YAY!) – so don’t miss it!

Unofficial #SXSW family showcase

Confirmed Acts:

Yes, by the way, they’ve got two Latin Grammy winners on one bill (Mister G and Lucky Diaz), along with the 2015 Austin Chronicle Musician of the Year (Gina Chavez)!  That’s crazy great.  They’ll also have science activities, trampolines courtesy of sponsors Springfree, and much more!

A fantastically fun tribute to David Bowie, who always knew that kids were a different species.

Rock and Read

Confirmed acts:

They’ll also have a series of authors doing story time (including the AMAZING Emma Virján!), thanks to the awesome book store BookPeople!  Don’t miss it!

Are You Listening? release by Kindie band The Not-Its! (family-friendly music)

List Price: $ 10.00

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