Red Yarn “Deep Woods Revival” Album (Austin, TX Children’s Music)

Red Yarn

Red Yarn “Deep Woods Revival” Album

Folksongs and Puppetry for Families

On June 23, 2015 a new album is available for purchase from Red Yarn called Deep Woods Revival.  If you have never heard of Red Yarn, I will describe him as a Jim Henson/Raffi combo that mixes folksongs, puppetry and storytelling for families.  His love of American folklore is weaved into his energetic performances where he dons a red yarn beard that completes the fabulous and fun Red Yard character.

Red Yarn (aka Andy Furgeson who is an Austin native) is a family performer and teaching artist in Portland, OR.  Since 2012, Red Yarn has played more than 200 shows a year and has worked with thousands of children at elementary and preschools.  His first album, The Deep Woods, was critically acclaimed.  This second album, Deep Woods Revival, is the story about Red Yarn as he spends his summer at his grandparents’ farm by a mysterious forest.  He roams wild and free through the woods until he stumbles onto an animal tent revival late one night and the songs bring you with him on this journey. The album is a reflection of Little Red’s growth and discovery in the Deep Woods that is every bit entertaining as his first musical adventure.  Be sure to check out Red Yarn’s upcoming shows to attend.  You may also see Red Yarn on your TV soon as he has filmed a pilot for a television show.  Go Red!

Red Yarn2

Hire Red Yarn!  Red Yarn offers musical puppet shows for schools, libraries, community events and birthday parties.  He includes a lot of audience participation, energy and movement in his 30-45 minute sets filled with folksongs, puppetry and storytelling. Check out the link here if you are interested in having Red Yarn entertain your group!

Red Yarn “Deep Woods Revival” Album

List Price: $ 7.00 (Digital Album)

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