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Tim Kubart, Sprout Channel Star and Postmodern Jukebox’s ‘Tambourine Guy’, Releases a new album:  ‘Home’ 
If you have a preschooler, I am pretty sure you have heard of the star of Sprout TV’s Sunny Side Up Show (the only national live preschool show), Tim Kubart.  You may even have the “Happy, Happy Birthday to You – da do do do” song stuck in your head forever from their daily Birthday segment for preschoolers.  I know I do!  In fact Tim presented my daughter’s birthday card on her 4th birthday on Sprout TV and it made her day!
Brooke  Brooke’s 4th birthday card that was shown on Sprout TV.

For those with little kids, we have seen Tim bust dance moves with the First Lady on Sprout Channel’s “Sunny Side Up Show;” ace an audition (with magical chicken Chica) for “America’s Got Talent;” and charmed the world as “Tambourine Guy” as part of Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube. Now, Tim Kubart will spread even more joy and kindness as he releases his second family album, Home. The album, with cover art by noted animator/illustrator Julia Pott, is available September 25th from retailers everywhere.

Kubart created these 14 mostly original songs in partnership with songwriter Matt Puckett (Mother Falcon) and long-time producer Dominic Fallacaro. Kubart and Puckett weave their own childhood memories through textured pop tunes with lyrics that bridge the gap between innocence and wisdom in a way for listeners of all ages to appreciate and understand.  The artist’s friendly and youthful voice and the striking pop arrangements draw listeners in from first track, “Last Turn Home.”  “We aim to meet kids where they are right now, both thematically and sonically,” notes Kubart. “The lyrics really reflect what I’ve learned performing live with thousands of children, and with my work on Sprout.”

Home reflects Kubart’s uncanny ability to climb inside a child’s mind. The dance-pop “Breakfast Club” is the perfect wake-up song, and it features Sprout colleague and friend Carly Ciarrocchi. For “Sunday Crafternoon,” Drue Davis (Postmodern Jukebox) joins Tim for a soaring and inspiring song celebrating DIY creativity. Indie family artist Laurie Berkner guest stars on the ballad about togetherness: “Better.” Growing families will relate to the themes of “Biggest Brother,” “Dancing in the Kitchen,” and “Backyard Swinging.” A rare quiet moment in the album comes with a musical arrangement of A.A. Milne’s pensive “Halfway Down.”

My Kiddos Reaction:  Of course, my girls, LOVE Tim, so they were super excited to hear and dance to this album.  He has a beautiful clear voice perfect for kindie music and this album is definitely a great mixture of pop and indie.  My oldest, Brooke, was obsessed with the very first song, “Last Turn Home”.  She’s at that age where she really gets into ‘feeling’ the music.  This song talks about going back to your home after being away and it really touched her.  The girls also thought it was cool that Carly from the “Chica Show” was on the song “Breakfast Club”.  That was a fun surprise.  Probably the funkiest song that both girls were dancing to was “Backyard Swinging” all about swinging on the swing sets all by yourself singing at the top of your lungs.  My personal favorite song is “Better”.  It’s no secret I am a huge Laurie Berkner fan and their duets are magical.  Plus, I love the lyrics, ‘you know its better when we’re together’.  I mean, come on, that is just adorable!  Two thumbs (and wings *wink wink CHICA*) up!

Track listing

Guests include Laurie Berkner, Drue Davis (Postmodern Jukebox) and Carly Ciarrocchi (Sprout) 

  1. Last Turn Home
  2. Breakfast Club (featuring Carly Ciarrocchi)
  3. Showtime
  4. Job at the House Part 1
  5. Biggest Brother
  6. Sunday Crafternoon (featuring Drue Davis)
  7. Better (featuring Laurie Berkner)
  8. Job at the House Part 2
  9. Backyard Swinging
  10. Rooms
  11. Halfway Down
  12. Dancing in the Kitchen
  13. Job at the House Part 3
  14. Moving Day

Tim is coming to Austin!  Tim will be performing at Austin Kiddie Limits (at the ACL Festival) on Fri, Oct 2, 2015 12:00pm and Sat, Oct 3, 2015 at 4:00pm. He will be joined on stage with the local Austin band/orchestra Mother Falcon. For more info: click here “Home” Time Kubart of Sprout TV (Family Music)

Don’t have a chance to catch Tim’s ACL Show?  No Problem! Tim will also be doing a HOME Austin Release show for FREE at the Domain on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at the Hush Hush Music Fest.  Tim and his band will be playing from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. The Domain 1140 Century Oaks Terrace Austin, TX, 78758.  SEE YOU THERE!


Want more Tim music?  His first album Anthems for Adventure drew critical acclaim from the New York Times, Time Out New York and national press, with the song “Superhero” becoming a YouTube and national radio hit. Kubart also attracted hundreds of thousands of fans as a tambourine-shaking, dancing addition to the inventive covers band Postmodern Jukebox.

List Price: $ 14.95 (CD) $9.49 (MP3)

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