Larry Gets Lost in Texas (Hardcover)


Larry Gets Lost in Texas (Hardcover)

Larry’s latest tale begins in the family’s car with a trailer hitched to the back-they’re off on a road trip to the Lone Star State! Follow Larry as he gets separated from his best friend Pete and searches for him all over Texas.

My daughter Brooke and I love maps and learning about things like the states in America, so when I first heard about the Larry Gets Lost series, I was excited!  Larry Gets Lost is not a new series (the first book was published in 2007!), just new to us, but new books are still being made.  Cool!  We wanted to give Larry a try with a state near and dear to our heart – our own state of Texas!  While I was born a Yankee (*gasp*), both of my daughters were born right here in the capital of Texas (which is Austin, just in case you didn’t know), so I knew the content would be exciting and my hope is that we would learn a lot about our great state of Texas.

First things first…..this is Larry:


This is Larry and Pete:


Pete and Larry go on many adventures all across the United States.  There is only one problem.  Larry seems to get lost wherever they go!  OH NO!  This doesn’t stop Pete’s family from taking Larry on their family trips, so this time they pack up and head off to Texas and it doesn’t take long for Larry and Pete to get separated.  Yikes!  Larry journeys through the major cities-Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, El Paso, Amarillo, and Corpus Christi-where he meets armadillos and snakes and even hitches a ride from a horse in a trailer.

20.21  Larry in Austin!

Each place that Larry explores includes little facts and details about each location.  It’s fun to follow his travels on a map and it’s a great way for kids to learn about each state.  Larry continues his journey and visits the Cadillac Ranch sculpture, the NASA space station, and a rodeo before passing by pump jacks and the famous aircraft carrier, Saturn V. After stopping by the USS Lexington, Larry finally ends up at the Texas State Fair. But will he ever find Pete?

Larry3  Johnson Space Center, Houston

Larry Gets Found!

I didn’t think I needed a SPOILER alert, since obviously Larry Gets Lost books have continued, so he is able to continue to travel and get lost.  Ha ha.  I really liked that Larry reunites with his family at the Texas State Fair in Dallas.  The Texas State Fair is a really fun event and it’s definitely a ‘must see’ thing in TX.

Larry2  The reunion between Larry and Pete at the Texas State Fair. The reunited family rides the Texas Star Ferris wheel.

Fun with Larry!

Larry Gets Lost has an impressive line of books and the series still continues as new books are added each year.  Follow Larry on his blog HERE and for teachers or parents that want to get involved in using Larry as an educational tool, there are many great ways to do that!  You can purchase your own Larry Gets Lost plush doll and take him on travels with you and take pictures for others to guess where he is ‘lost’.  There is also a fun Larry Gets Lost Activity Kit, which I am including below for you and your family to use!  How cool!  Enjoy! 

Larry7Larry Gets Lost Plush Doll

Larry Gets Lost Activity Kit (Click Here to View!)

Texas Flag on the back of Larry Gets Lost in Texas:

title Larry6

I am going to mention the Texas flag on the back of the book because, as a reviewer, I also like to check out all positive and negative reviews of a book after I do my own review.  Sometimes it helps me catch things I missed, or gives me some additional insight I may have been lacking.  However, this time I wanted to debunk a review I read on the ‘interwebs’ which claimed that the Larry Gets Lost in Texas book had the Texas flag upside-down on the back cover!  What?!?  How did I not notice that?  It turns out, that’s NOT true, at least in the book I received.  The Texas flag is accurate, so I’m posting both a picture of the cover and the Texas flag, so everyone can see it’s all good!  Maybe I should start my own book review Myth Busters blog.  Ha!

About the Author:  John Skewes is a professional illustrator living in Seattle. He began work as a product designer and character artist for Disney Consumer Products before leaving to start his own company, Retrodyne Industries in 2001. His clients include Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, Fox, Pixar, and Simon & Schuster. As the creator and illustrator of the award-winning Larry Gets Lost™ children’s book series, John has followed Larry from the southern tip of Texas to tiny Nome, Alaska, and been lost several times himself. He has illustrated over 20 children’s books, including the Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

About the Illustrator:  Michael Mullin lives in LA, but grew up in New England, where all his sports allegiances remain. He is the author of the TaleSpins™ books for young adults: 8: The Previously Untold Story of the Previously Unknown 8th Dwarf, The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny, and the upcoming Jack’d.

Larry Gets Lost in Texas (Hardcover)

List Price: $16.99 (Currently on sale for $12.94 at

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