Return (Hardcover)


Return (Hardcover)

Welcome the much-anticipated finale of Caldecott Honoree Aaron Becker’s wordless trilogy—a spectacular, emotionally satisfying story that brings its adventurer home.

This title will be released on August 2, 2016.

This breathless finale to Becker’s Journey trilogy (Journey, 2013; Quest, 2014) takes readers back to the intricate interior of an alternate world where crayons wield power…The father and child’s mutual adventure unspools silently but with urgency. Readers remember the dad’s distraction, which started both this book and the trilogy itself. When cave paintings depict the dad as the hero, casting out the villain, hearts swell and eyes well.A fantastic final leg to a reading journey that altered, expanded, and enriched the landscape of children’s literature—and surely many young people’s lives. —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

As a review of children’s literature, I find wordless storybooks like “Return” fascinating.  Aaron Becker has created a trilogy of book that are a collection of linked painting that tell a story.  In “Journey” and “Quest”, we begin to discover the world of the female lead character (nameless), who wants to go on journeys with her red crayon to seek refuge from her disconnected life.  She creates her own adventures and you can easily follow the plot line while injecting your own narration.  I didn’t know that we would become a fan of picture books with no written words, but the amazing thing is my oldest child is at an age where she wants to create stories and this has been a perfect way to ‘talk out’ stories and form our own ideas through pictures.  It’s a very powerful tool in storytelling and Becker’s work has made it an easy journey on our own.

In this final installment in the “Journey” trilogy, “Return” is the final journey that the main character encounters.  The girl is failing to get the attention of her busy father, so she once again turns to a world of fantasy as she escapes her own life of loneliness and boredom.  She goes into the land of kings and emperors, castles and canals, exotic creatures and enchanting landscapes. The thing is, the more time the girl spends in her fantasy life, the less inclined she is to return to reality and home.  This story has an awe-inspiring tale that in order for children to want to be involved in the realities of their life, it will take something truly powerful to persuade them.  I was reminded of the 80s hit by the band Berlin and their lovely song, No More Words, as Brooke and I have ‘read’ these books.  Life is busy, but it is also short.  Parents and children need to truly connect because just telling a child you love them is not enough.  Love is truly defined by the TIME we spend with our kids and quality counts.  This sentiment is driven home in a powerful wordless picture book full of self-discovery and if children do not have their needs met at home, they will look elsewhere to find it.  Caldecott Honor winner Aaron Becker delivers a suspenseful and moving climax to his wordless trilogy, an epic that began with the award-winning Journey and continued with the celebrated follow-up Quest.

No More Words by Berlin

You’re talking, it all sounds fair
You promise your love, how much you care
I’m still listening and still unsure
Your actions are lacking, nothing is clear
No more words
You’re telling me you love me while you’re looking away
No more words
No more words and no more promises of love

About the Author:  Aaron Becker dreamed of traveling to castles when he was a boy. At age ten, he was lucky enough to visit the walled island of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. Many years later, that visit inspired him to create the palatial castle featured throughout the Journey trilogy. Aaron recently returned to Europe with his family, where he completed the watercolor paintings you see in this book.

Return (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 15.99 (Currently on Sale through Amazon Prime for $ 10.29)

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