Kira Willey Releases an Inspiring Fifth Album EVERY VOICE

Kira Willey Releases an Inspiring Fifth Album EVERY VOICE

A collection of heart-pumping tunes packed with catchy melodies and singalong choruses.  Available June 15!

Award-winning songwriter, author and kids’ yoga expert Kira Willey releases her most expansive family album yet, Every Voice. Her fifth album of original songs offers empowering, community-minded encouragement for dreamers and future leaders, in heart-pumping tunes packed with catchy, sing-along choruses. Every Voice will be available wherever music is sold on June 15th (Burnside Distribution).

From the first tune, “Brand New Day,” an up-tempo power pop song, the momentum and positivity grow from track to track. Willey is known for her mindful lyrics, and these new songs offer listeners a variety of ways to reset their intentions with each new day. Producers Zak Rizvi and Dave Padrutt built layers of bold, fresh sound into these songs, complementing Willey’s soft but authoritative vocals.

The sweet and simple ukulele tune “Dream It Up” (featuring Laurie Berkner) opens the mind’s door to wide possibilities, while “Real Girl” and “The Leader in Me” encourage kids to extend open-heartedness into empowerment. Willey’s “happy, inspiring, and compassionate” voice (Creative Blog Mom) adds depth to songs like “Community” (inspired by her work with hurricane refugees from Puerto Rico) and “Roots.” Every Voice takes Kira Willey’s listeners beyond the inward-focus of her previous albums (which “help kids find their inner zen” according to Cool Mom Picks) into an expansive sense that we are all stronger together.

“This record represents a bit of a new direction for me, and I’m so excited about it,” Willey says. “Social-emotional learning is critical for young kids, and I hope the themes in these songs of confidence, compassion and hope will inspire and empower kids to be their strong, capable selves!”

Already, the album is receiving advance praise, including from Kenny Curtis of SiriusXM Satellite Radio: 
“Kira Willey brings a genuine affection and enthusiasm to her music that blends nicely with the mindfulness messaging in her songs. Her voice has all of the comfortable, soothing qualities that the material demands, but there’s a strength and confidence underneath that supports every song.”

Emmy-winning animator Maciek Albrecht (HBO, Sesame Street, Scholastic) has created videos for “The Leader in Me,” and “Community,” (to be released in June) and teen group Real Girls has made a video for the first single, “Real Girl.”  Willey plans concerts and events this summer and fall to celebrate the release of Every Voice. Visit and the Kira Willey Facebook page for upcoming performances and other news.

About Kira Willey:  Kira Willey brings music, yoga-based movement, and mindfulness to kids, in various ways: through her Rockin’ Yoga school programs and concerts, with her music and books, and by working directly with teachers and parents. Her albums (Mindful Moments for Kids, How To Be a Cloud, Kings & Queens of the Forest, and Dance for the Sun) have all earned Parents’ Choice Awards and national acclaim. Her hit song “Colors” was chosen for a worldwide ad campaign by Dell Computers, and is currently featured in a Canadian tourism ad (primetime TV and on Air Canada). Willey’s “Backseat Yoga Breaks” can be heard on SiriusXM Kids Place Live, and she’s the creator of two yoga-for-kids programs which air on PBS TV affiliates nationwide. Willey has made guest appearances on Laurie Berkner’s best-selling songs, including “Swing Me” and “Open Your Heart” (which is also a music video). The two artists have collaborated to create “Music You Can Move To” interstitial programming for SiriusXM Satellite Radio. A recognized children’s yoga and mindfulness expert, Willey is a frequent presenter and speaker at conferences; her TEDx talk “Bite-Sized Mindfulness,” can be viewed online. Organic Life magazine recently featured her work in public schools. In December 2017 Willey published her children’s mindfulness book, Breathe Like a Bear (Penguin Random House). The mom of three lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and also founded and leads frequent “Pop-Up Choir” events for grownups.

Every Voice Track listing

  1. Brand New Day 3:04
  2. Real Girl 3:15
  3. Heartbeat 2:22
  4. Dream It Up 1:56
  5. Every Voice 3:33
  6. Hello Hope 3:00
  7. The Leader In Me 3:20
  8. Roots 2:46
  9. Community 3:20
  10. Come On In 2:30
  11. Home 3:10
  12. Kindness Mantra 2:50
  13. Come On In 2:30
  14. Home 3:10
  15. Kindness Mantra 2:50

“No one else can say what you can say.”

Visit to learn more

Head here to pre-order the new album now!

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