Introducing the Craft City Slime Kit!

Introducing the Craft City Slime Kit!

Grab your official As Seen On YouTube DIY Slime Kit, available exclusively at Target (Ages 8+)!

Now your child can create satisfyingly squishy slime just like their favorite YouTuber with the Karina Garcia Make-Your-Own Slime Kit from Craft City.   The Craft City DIY Slime Kit includes tons of add ons to make your slime glow, sparkle, pop! Use the easy to follow instructions to create slime that is completely customizable. These high quality ingredients, which are formulated specifically for slime making, are kid friendly and safety tested, for a craft that is fun for all.  Make everything needed for crunchy slime, clear slime, opaque slime and glittery slime.

Craft City Slime Kit includes an instruction manual, bottle of slime Goo 8fl oz, Bottle of slime activator 1fl oz, clear water gel powder 4g, bottle of white craft glue 4fl, 6 fizzing color tablets, glow coloring powder 4g, blue glitter 2g, bubble wrap 6×6, clear firm plastic straw, and a plastic cup.

Slime is a wonderful STEM activity for kids.  There are so many science experiments to explore such as polymers and non-Newtonian fluids, doing scientific investigations into recipe variations and testing the properties of slime.  The  Craft City Slime Kit is a well-thought out STEM activity that includes everything you need for a reasonable price and measured out ingredients to explore.  The finished slime is smooth, gooey and perfect for playing. By following the step-by-step instructions, your child and their friends can enjoy some creative and customized DIY fun.

The Craft City Slime Kit is available at Target! 

Introducing the Craft City Slime Kit!

List Price: $ 19.99

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