See Hear (Hardcover)

See Hear (Hardcover)

There’s magic all around you. What can you see? What can you hear?

See/Hear is an innovative flip-format picture book that is a sequel to the best-selling 2017, Smile Cry. Piglet, Bunny and Cat return for a new sensory adventure of sight and sound. The three friends react to a variety of events and circumstances from everyday life.  This is a heart felt-picture book by the award-winning author, Tania McCartney, and I love the clever flip-book format (‘See’ story reads from front to back, while the ‘Hear’ story reads from back to front) with both narratives meeting right in the middle.

From watching ‘squiggly rain’ on a window to pointing out ‘heavenly horses’ in the clouds, from hearing ‘buzzing blossoms’ as bees collect pollen and nectar to ‘hot pan sizzles’ as a favorite meal is prepared, See Hear invites the reader to open their eyes and ears to the everyday magic that surrounds us. Younger kids will respond to the soft whimsical illustrations, while older readers will enjoy the onomatopoeic wordplay. This is a lovely picture book that families can treasure for years and is perfect for ages 3 and older.  Adorable!

About the Author:  Tania McCartney is an award-winning author, illustrator, and book and magazine editor. The founder of Kids’ Book Review and the 52-Week Illustration Challenge, she is a long-time juvenile literacy ambassador, and a solid player in the Australian children’s book industry. Her recent books include Australia: Illustrated and Smile Cry, a CBCA Notable Book for 2017. Tania lives in Canberra with her family, a forest of artwork and a mountain of books.

About the Illustrator:  Jess Racklyeft works with a medley of materials including watercolours, paints and digital bits and pieces. She was selected for Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Illustrators of the World 2013/2014 and the Etsy Design Awards, and has been a finalist in the Kids’ Book Review Illustration Competition. Along with creating picture books, Jess works with Australian card companies, US-based agency Astound, and sells prints through markets and bookshops. She is involved in Illustrators Australia and writes for their magazine Outline. In her spare time, she creates paintings in conjunction with her young daughter.

See Hear (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.82

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