I Love My Mommy Board Book (Board book)

I Love My Mommy Board Book (Board book)

Sebastien Braun’s celebrated I Love My Mommy is now in board book format—perfect for little hands in strollers and highchairs!

I remember watching Brooke grasp for breath on the day she was born, whisked away to the NICU where she would have a procedure to help her preterm lungs develop properly and thought, “This has to be the hardest thing for a mother to go through.”  Well, I can tell you almost seven years later, that is only NOT TRUE, things don’t ever get easier, they just get different.  Being a mother is hard, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the heck out of my two daughters who bring me the greatest joy and the hardest tears from watching them grow, struggle, learn, and master more things on their way to independence and adulthood.  Mothers are strong because they work hard to be gentle, to be nurturing, to do….everything they can so that their child can become the best adults they can be.  It’s a lot to ask to be responsible for another human being and mothers do it because they want to do it, not just because they have to do it.  When you are so tired that you can’t sleep and you think, “How am I going to get through this day?”…..you..just…do.  The calms after the storms make you appreciate your life and I couldn’t be happier being a mother to Brooke and Brie.  I will never get tired of them telling me, “I love you.

In the new board book format of Braun’s “I Love My Mommy” book, it shows a simple, sweet, and sentimental message about a child loving their mom.  Sometimes mommies are funny and playful. Other times they are warm and comforting. And mommies always know how to love. The illustrations are endearing and moving and Sebastien Braun captures the spirit of motherhood in a celebration for every mother and child.  Happy Mother’s Day!

About the Author:  Sebastien Braun studied fine arts in Strasbourg, France. His first two books, I Love My Mummy and I Love My Daddy (Boxer Books, 2005), have been hugely successful all over the world. Since then, Sebastien has gone on to create many more books for children. He lives in Gloucestershire with his wife and two young sons.

I Love My Mommy Board Book (Board book)


List Price: $ 7.99 (Available through Amazon Prime)

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