Tinyme Personalized Augmented Reality books for kids!


Tinyme Personalized Augmented Reality books for kids!

Mass Customization + Augmented Reality = Awesome Kids Book (and yes, too many buzzwords).

I never get tired of reading books and it’s even cooler when a new book comes out that amazes both me and my favorite little reader, my daughter, Brooke.  She was so excited to get Tinyme’s The Amazing Alphabet book that is fully personalized, beautifully illustrated and was custom made-to-order.  The book comes with a free app (your either iOS or Android) that brings the book to life with pop up like 3D animation, music and sound that jumps out of the printed page. It’s…well….AMAZING!


“It’s been exciting to see so many books, each one unique for that child, being printed and sent out from our studio to all parts of the world” said Mike Wilson, Tinyme founder.

“The Augmented reality experience continues to amaze everyone we see using it enriching the reading and learning experience” added Wilson.

The Amazing Alphabet is a beautiful, keepsake book that’s uniquely personalized and custom printed for each child, and contains hidden educational super powers. By hovering over the book with the free accompanying app, the characters jump out of the page in 3D with music and sound effects!  The app can read the story to the child and allow them to engage with the printed page in a truly amazing way.  In the story of The Amazing Alphabet your child sets off on an adventure to help Little z find his perfect friend. Along the way, they meet all the colorful characters of the alphabet and make a whole bunch of new friends. While it’s an educational book, it’s essentially a story about friendship and a whole lot of fun.

It is probably no surprise that I’ve written about how much I love Tinyme’s personalized products before!  *gasp*  Your ever-loving product review mommy blogger got my hands on one of Tinyme’s adorable dinosaur jigsaw puzzle back in 2013 when Brooke was just in preschool and Brie was a little baby.  Wow, time does fly, but I’m also happy to say that my blogging skills have increased while Tinyme’s product line has also continued to evolve into even more awesome designs and features like The Amazing Alphabet.  So while you are checking out their incredibly cool educational augmented reality 3D personalized book and apps, be sure to check out all of Tinyme’s personalized children’s products that are oh-so-cute and fun and have made them an internationally successful business that started with just one dad in 2006.  I think we can all say ‘Cheers’ to that!

About Tinyme:  Tinyme is a Melbourne, Australia-based design, development and manufacturing studio solely focused on making personalized products for kids. (Yep, they do everything in house.) Tinyme is run by 3 dads (who have 15 kids between them!) and have grown from a one person start-up, to a 50+ team with separate businesses in Australia, US and the UK.  Wow!  Learn more about them here!

Tinyme Personalized Augmented Reality books for kids!


List Price: $ 30.00

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