New 2017 Play Sets by award-winning MiO through Manhattan Toy Company!

New 2017 Play Sets by award-winning MiO through Manhattan Toy Company! 

2017 Collection Expands With Four New Play Sets Plus MiO People & Animals
Last year Manhattan Toy designers introduced MiO (mee-oh), the modular wood play sets that combine structures and vehicles with enchanting beanbag animals and people.  MiO’s flagship is the 41-piece wood building set that inspires kids to unplug and immerse in day dreaming.
“It’s so refreshing to get back to the basics of play with this beautifully crafted doll house set,” wrote a 2016 National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA) reviewer. “The pieces are great quality and the design is very modern. Solid pieces are easy to build
with, giving architects-in-training endless possibilities!”
These sweet play sets are a mix of natural and painted wood components, are gender neutral and emphasize open-ended play. For 2017 Manhattan Toy added a toy box full of new play sets–a new Animal ($10) and People Set ($10), a Food Truck + Person ($30), an Airplane + Pilot ($23) along with a faux fur rug and beanbag chair combo paired with one person, cleverly named Me Time ($12).  Also new is a backyard hammock bundled with two bean bag trees called simply Outdoors ($24).  Isn’t this what childhood is all about?  Hand the kids a
MiO set and watch their imaginations soar.
“The Mio collection is more like an extension to block building and construction play,” described a reviewer from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award–who has seen everything there is to see in the toy world!
All of the MiO wood sets have non-toxic water based finishes.  The characters (people and animals) boast hand painted wood heads and cushy beanbag bodies. Fill up a cart of these adorable and affordable playsets at The Manhattan Toy Company website,, available today.  Free shipping on all ground orders is a nice bonus! Want another? Subscribe to their email list then enjoy 20% off the first purchase.
Now in its second year, the expanded MiO collection provides open-ended play to inspire any builder’s imagination.  Surprise a child, grandchild or special little one in your life with these lovely to look at and fun to play sets.
Brooke’s Pick!  MiO Food Truck + 1 Person (Ages 3+ List Price: $30)
What’s on the menu today? Let the kids whip up pizzas or anything else that might be served on the 4 included wooden discs. Go ahead and set up the counter, open up the back doors. Everything is sized for little hands and big imaginations. The wooden blocks suggest a stove and refrigerator combo, while the functioning wheels allow the truck to be parked at a new stop each day! The open roof design lets everyone see what’s happening. When ready to take orders, lift up the side window. Each set includes one MiO person.
  • Ages 3 years+
  • Measures 8.5 L x 5.5 W x 6.5 H in
  • Measures 16.5 X 21.5 X 13.7 H cm
  • All wood toys have non-toxic water based finishes
  • Surface wash only
  • This product meets or exceeds EN71 and CPSIA safety regulations


Brooke’s Pick!  We live in Austin, Texas and as I write this we are currently in the middle of our biggest annual events called South by Southwest (SXSW) where many popular local food trucks are on display selling their delicious Austin goodies.  Austin is a wonderful city for foodies and our food-trucks are definitely world-class.  I was not surprised that Brooke was excited to play chef in her very own pizza truck and her and her sister have had hours of fun waiting on customers and taking orders! The MiO Food Truck is an awesome additional to her growing MiO collection.  Fantastic!

MiO Airplane + Pilot (Ages 3+ List Price: $23)
Broaden a child’s imagination with this adorable airplane complete with a bright red spinning propeller. Take the plane for a ride in the air then gently touch down along rolling wheels. This set offers a mix of natural and painted wood. The MiO pilot, included, has a painted helmet with goggles. Maybe today the flight pattern will include a stop at the tasty MiO food truck?
MiO Outdoors (Ages 3+ List Price: $24)
No matter the actual weather outside, kids can dream of a sunny, lazy day outdoors with this cute combo of hammock, trees and a MiO Person. The soft beanbag person and trees are ideal for small hands and tactile play. Invite some MiO Animals to play, sold separately.
MiO Me Time (Ages 3+ List Price: $12)
It’s hard not to say ahhhhhh as you unpack the Mio Me Time set.  There’s a colorful beanbag chair, a faux sheep skin rug, plus a MiO Person. Set the scene for a quiet spot to contemplate all that’s right in the world! This 3-piece set can be mixed and matched with other MiO scenes.
MiO Additional People & Animals To Your Set!
MiO People Set (Ages 3+ List Price: $10)
You can’t pick your family but you can pick your MiO people! New for 2017 is a pink and blue dressed couple with darker wood heads. One even has a headband! Choose from four different people sets, each with hand painted wood heads and soft beanbag bodies.
MiO Animal Set (Ages 3+ List Price: $10)
Is it okay to have a mouse in your house? Even the cat won’t mind this cute couple-wide-eared mouse and tall-eared bunny. Choose from all four sets in the MiO Animal collection including Fox + Bear, Owl + Dear or Dog + Cat.
ABOUT THE MANHATTAN TOY COMPANY:  For more than 30 years Manhattan Toy has provided high quality, imagination inspiring, safety conscious toys. The spirit of Manhattan Toy is captured in the simple statement–To remember that the most powerful thing any of us play with in this life is our imagination! All Manhattan Toy products comply with U.S. and European safety standards. For more information about the many award-winning toy collections, visit the website at

New 2017 Play Sets by award-winning MiO through Manhattan Toy Company!

List Price: Varies Per Toy $ 12.00 – $ 30.00

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