Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 24 pieces (Dinosaur) (Age 1+)


Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 24 pieces (Dinosaur) (Age 1+)

Geek + Cute = YAY.

Husband and wife team, Michael and Rach (and we can’t forget their friend Nick), have the same kind of love for personalized and unique kid items.  The main difference is I cannot create products (yes, I know my limitations), I just like to buy them!  A couple years later and more kids and an addition of another friend named Ben, the fathers of a combined fourteen kids (wow!) are now the brains and brawn behind TinyMe.  I love it!  While they have a unique and grand collection of all things personalized, it is the wooden jigsaw puzzles that caught my attention.  One in particular is the Dinosaur puzzle which is a fun and educational piece on the different types of these animals.  Fantastic!

The Dinosaur Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle comes in either a small puzzle (12 pieces) or large (24 pieces).  We chose the 24 piece set since Brooke is quite good at puzzles and we wanted to give her a challenge.  The puzzle includes seven different dinosaurs that look like a cartoon version of what you imagine they looked like and includes their names.  Wonderful!  The set also comes with a nice felt storage pouch which is great since our puzzle holder is completely full.  It makes it easy to carry and bring on trips.  The puzzles are completely non-toxic with large pieces for little hands.  The wooden puzzle is made from lasercut plywood and the pieces easily fit together.  We also had quite a blast talking about each dinosaur and learning more about them from a card set I own.  Oh, I also opted to not personalize a puzzle so that my younger daughter could get just as much enjoyment out of it when she gets older.  I somehow think she wouldn’t appreciate it as much if Brooke’s name was written all over it!  However, I love the concept and as a huge personalization junkie, I imagine I’ll be getting a few more items from TinyMe for them separately in the future!

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 24 pieces (Dinosaur) (Age 1+)


List Price: $ 34.95

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