Celebrate 40 years of music with Best of Raffi (family friendly music)


Celebrate 40 years of music with Best of Raffi (family friendly music)

Beloved Children’s Troubadour Raffi Celebrates 40 Years of Music!

If you have a preschooler like me, chances are they come home singing such children’s songs as “Apples and Bananas” and “Shake my Sillies Out”!  It’s wonderful to hear her love and shout out songs that I used to sing with my mom when I was young.  Millions know Raffi (Cavoukian) for his work as a children’s entertainer whose string of gold and platinum-selling recordings in North America includes his classic “Baby Beluga” song with its beloved melody and lyrics.  Since 1976, with help from Ken Whiteley and Daniel Lanois, Raffi made sure that his recordings met the highest standards. Raffi convinced retailers that parents would pay regular price for quality music for their children, and he was right. Teachers, parents and kids took an immediate liking to the kind of songwriting and recording Raffi offered, perhaps because of the respect that was obvious in his material and the playful delivery that always clicked with the kids. Soon, the media were knocking at Raffi’s door.

Rounder Records is thrilled to announce the release of Best of Raffi, a career-spanning collection, celebrating 40 years of hits from the legendary children’s entertainer.  Our February 10, 2017, Best of Raffi will include such classics as “Down By the Bay” (1976), “Bananaphone” (1994), and perhaps his most iconic hit, “Baby Beluga” (1980).  With 40 years worth of favorites (including his recent critically acclaimed album released in 2016 called Owl Singalong), Best of Raffi will bridge the gap between parents who grew up with his music (like me!), and their children, discovering many of these classic for the first time.  Raffi will celebrate the release of the new album with family concerts around the U.S. including Minneapolis and Chicago in April, and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in May.  Check HERE for more info on tour dates to see if Raffi will be performing new you!

Check it out!  Here is the adorable trailer for Best of Raffi.

Best of Raffi Track Listing:

  1. Baby Beluga
  2. Down By the Bay
  3. Apples and Bananas
  4. Shake My Sillies Out
  5. Wheels On the Bus
  6. Day O
  7. Bananaphone
  8. Let’s Play
  9. Everything Grows
  10. Mr. Sun
  11. Love Bug
  12. Owl Singalong
  13. One Light One Sun
  14. Rise and Shine
  15. If You’re Happy and You Know It
  16. Thanks a Lot

Multi-talented Raffi!  Troubadour. writer. children’s champion. ecology advocate. entrepreneur. deep democracy. Raffi is not just a singer-songwriter, he is also an author! Check out Raffi’s new book  Lightweb Darkweb about the critical need to reform social media, especially for young users. Not only that, Raffi is heavily involved in Discover Child Honouring which is a unique social change movement, with the child at its heart. Learn about respecting Earth & Child which is interwoven in Raffi’s legacy work.

Shout Out!  Hi Raffi!  Thanks for following my Twitter feed @mommasbacon!

Celebrate 40 years of music with Best of Raffi (family friendly music)


List Price: $ 9.99 (Available through Amazon.comTip! The children’s music sections of Target stores will be featuring this album for sale!

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