Join the “Owl Singalong” from trailblazing children’s troubadour Raffi


Join the “Owl Singalong” from trailblazing children’s troubadour Raffi

On January 15, 2016, Raffi will release Owl Singalong, a new album of songs for children.

Millions know Raffi for his work as a children’s entertainer whose string of gold and platinum-selling recordings in North America includes his classic “Baby Beluga” song with its beloved melody and lyrics.  Since 1976, with help from Ken Whiteley and Daniel Lanois, Raffi made sure that his recordings met the highest standards. Raffi convinced retailers that parents would pay regular price for quality music for their children, and he was right. Teachers, parents and kids took an immediate liking to the kind of songwriting and recording Raffi offered, perhaps because of the respect that was obvious in his material and the playful delivery that always clicked with the kids. Soon, the media were knocking at Raffi’s door.

“Owl Singalong” is Raffi’s follow-up album for the acclaimed 2014 release Love Bug, which was his first set of children’s songs in 12 years.  Luckily, for us fans, we didn’t have to wait long for his next new album and you are in for a real treat.  The 16-song Owl Singalong with a title inspired by the owls that Raffi hears nightly outside of his home in Canada as well as his grand-niece Lucie’s enthusiasm for her stuffed toy owl is a continuation of Raffi’s commitment to entertain his young audiences.  His songs are educational, uplifting, and—most important—fun.

We love hearing some classic children’s songs like “The More We Sing Together,” “See the Moon,” “Dog on the Bus,” and the swinging title track “Owl Singalong”.  Raffi also includes songs sung in Spanish on “Somos El Barco”, in French on “Dans La Forêt Lointaine.” and the rollicking spoken-word rendition of “Abiyoyo,” a beloved African folk tale which Seeger helped to introduce to English-speaking audiences which we really enjoy.  Brooke is currently taking Spanish courses in school and can’t get enough of learning the language, so “Somos El Barco” is currently her favorite soon.  My absolute favorite on this album is when Raffi plays tribute the the amazing late folk-singer icon, Pete Singer, in the song “Garden Song” which brings back many childhood memories for me when my mom would play the song.  The songs are beautifully arranged, with Raffi’s signature vocals, and endearing songs that are perfect for children and families.  Don’t miss his new album and get ready to move and groove with all the littles in your home.

Track Listing

1.  Owl Singalong
2.  I’m Not Small
3.  More We Sing Together
4.  The Lion Pokey
5.  See The Moon
6.  Green Dream
7.  Every Day
8.  The Dog On The Bus
9.  Somos El Barco
10.  You May Be A Triangle
11.  Who Hoo Could I Be
12.  I Nod My Head
13.  Dans La Forêt Lointaine
14.  Garden Song
15.  Blossoms
16.  Abiyoyo

Check it out!  Here is Raffi’s video for the title track on the album, “Owl Singalong” available on Yahoo! Parenting HERE

Multi-talented Raffi!  Troubadour. writer. children’s champion. ecology advocate. entrepreneur. deep democracy. Raffi is not just a singer-songwriter, he is also an author! Check out Raffi’s new book  Lightweb Darkweb about the critical need to reform social media, especially for young users. Not only that, Raffi is heavily involved in Discover Child Honouring which is a unique social change movement, with the child at its heart. Learn about respecting Earth & Child which is interwoven in Raffi’s legacy work.

Join the “Owl Singalong” from trailblazing children’s troubadour Raffi

List Price: $ 14.98 (CD) Fans may purchase the album through iTunes and Amazon.


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