Wee Gallery Slide and Play Board Books


Wee Gallery Slide and Play Board Books

is the home of The Quarto Group, which represents a dynamic group of imprints to inspire, educate, create, and entertain.

Wee Gallery has been on my radar since Brooke loved one of her Christmas stocking stuffers of a fun activity book on 32 Ways to Dress a Bunny back in 2012.  Wow!  I was excited to learn that QEB Publishing (distributed by Quarto Publishing USA) and Wee Gallery decided to team up and have a partnership that has produced a new range of engaging educational content for pre-schoolers.  Yes!  QEB just announce that Wee Gallery and the publishing company have a visually stimulating series that just became available for purchase in 2016/2017 and Brie loves the Slide and Play Board Books!

jungle   Wee Gallery: Farm: A Slide and Play book (List Price: $9.95)

Little fingers can easily learn how to move the sliders to reveal four favorite household pets and their names in these interactive board books. Wee Gallery has a stunning new range of board, cloth, and activity books for pre-schoolers with a  fresh design with engaging educational content. The result of a fantastic partnership between Wee Gallery and QEB Publishing, the beautiful illustrations, bold lines, whimsical animals, and repeating patterns are designed to stimulate visual development in young infants. Family-run Wee Gallery have over 10 years experience in graphic design and education, and so these books are guaranteed to excite and engage little minds.


farm   Wee Gallery: Jungle: A Slide and Play book (List Price: $9.95)

About Wee Gallery:  Family-run Wee Gallery (based in Florida) has over 10 years experience in graphic design and education, and creates books that excite and engage little minds.  Oh!  If you are looking for awesome visual stimulation cards for babies, check out the Wee Gallery’s Art Cards.  They are fantastic!

About the AuthorSurya Sajnani grew up in India, and graduated with a degree in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology before finding her passion in design. Surya has a wealth of experience in the industry and has trained with some of India’s leading designers. Surya moved to the US in 2000, and founded Wee Gallery with her husband, Dave Pinto, after their first child was born in 2002. Surya’s style is inspired by Indian Folk art and is characterized by bold strokes and graphic compositions. Wee Gallery products have won numerous awards, and are carried by museum shops and stores worldwide.

Wee Gallery Slide and Play Board Books



List Price: $ 9.95 (Available through Amazon Prime)

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