Product Review: 32 Ways to Dress a Bunny Activity Book (Preschool +) *Stocking Stuffer*

Product Review:  32 Ways to Dress a Bunny Activity Book (Preschool +) *Stocking Stuffer*

Smart Art for Little Minds

I admit I go out of my way to find unique gifts for the holidays and especially stocking stuffers.  Stocking stuffers for me used to be those throw-away gifts you waited until after you unwrapped all of the ‘real’ gifts and almost sighed that the stocking gifts were still there.  Some gum here, a little chap stick there and maybe a scratch off lotto worth 5 bucks if you were really lucky!  I am here to tell you that with a little searching and a fun attitude, you are sure to find lots of interesting gifts worthy of the stocking – and for a decent price!  Maybe after this year, the stocking will be the first thing your kids will want to check out now for, you know, the ‘cool’ gifts!  Maybe this review will inspire you to check out some funky items of your own!

32 Ways to Dress a Bunny by Wee Gallery is a 32 page Activity Book on creative ways to, well, dress the bunny.  The activity book comes in a mini 5”x3.5” book for easy portability and paints, markers or crayons (really anything that makes a mark) can be used to put your bunny in designer clothes made just by you.  This is a fun and creative endeavor to get your little artist’s creative juices flowing.  The book is printed in the USA on recycled paper using soy inks.  The book can also come in a fox or pig activity book (also adorable!).

Oh!  If you are looking for awesome visual stimulation cards for babies, check out the Wee Gallery’s Art Cards.  They are fantastic!

32 Ways to Dress a Bunny Activity Book (Preschool +) *Stocking Stuffer*

List Price:  $ 4.95

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