The Great Sock Secret (Sugar & Spice) (Hardcover)


The Great Sock Secret (Sugar & Spice) (Hardcover)

Sarah’s mother is tired of finding odd socks in the laundry basket. Where do all the missing socks go? Sarah knows. But her mother mustn’t find out! A fantastical adventure into an imaginative fairy-filled world. (Warning: these fairies are seriously cool!)

This book made Brooke and I laugh because much of it hits close to home!  I have to admit, I have a stash of socks that are missing their mates.  I should probably get rid of them, but I always think, “What if the missing sock is found?”, but it is very RARE that it happens.  I also relate to both of my kiddos being very good at stashing objects and at the moment, Brie loves to grab and hoard things in her room!  We recently ‘found’ acorns, little toys, and a cool Halloween shirt I thought was lost, but Brie had hid it away in between her bed and the wall.  She also likes to carry around various interesting objects she finds in her Doc McStuffins doctor’s kit.

The Great Sock Secret is a hilarious new book about a mom looking for her family’s missing socks around the house with her young daughter.  The thing is – the daughter KNOWS what has happened to the old socks and it has to do with the little fairies that live in their home.  See, the fairies use socks for all sorts of things and the girl doesn’t want the socks to be found!  As she and her mom go around each room in the house, the girl does her best to not give away the fairies secret and her mom is none the wiser.  I had to laugh throughout the book and Brooke and I think maybe – just maybe – our socks are missing because of the fairies who live in our home.  That would explain a lot!

About the Author:  Susan Whelan is a writer, editor, mother of three and passionate advocate for children’s literacy. She’s also the Managing Editor of highly respected children’s literature website Kids’ Book Review. She loves tea and chocolate, dislikes Brussels sprouts, and loves to read anywhere, anytime.

About the Illustrator:  Gwynneth Jones drew all through her maths book at school, so left to study art at TAFE and then majored in Plant and Wildlife Illustration at the University of Newcastle. Since then, Gwynneth has been imagining and drawing madly, exhibiting and holding market stalls, and creating picture books.

The Great Sock Secret (Sugar & Spice) (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.99  (Available through Amazon Prime)


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