Pen Pals 4 Me (Pen Pal Subscription Box) *Holiday Recommendation*


Pen Pals 4 Me (Pen Pal Subscription Box)

Receive personalized mailings TWICE a month filled with letters, activities, & more.

I have been looking for fun and creative ways for Brooke, our first grader, to practice her handwriting skills outside of school.  I read about a pen pal subscription box where kids write and receive letters from a Pen Pal 4 Me character and asked her if she was interested.  She said yes!  The Pen Pals 4 Me Club delivers monthly activity mail inspiring children to read, write, draw & create.  Your child can send and receive FUN MAIL with the Pen Pal 4 Me characters.  This is safe, charming, and creative mail for children and just like receiving a letter from Santa or the Tooth Fairy, Pen Pal 4 Me characters send fun mail and activities.  All mail is personalized and includes clever and engaging activities.

Pen Pals 4 Me introduces kid friendly content for young writers and artists to dive right into the fun. Each month your child will receive two personalized mailings addressed to them with activities and opportunities for them to earn FREE rewards and prizes.  Everything mailed to your child arrives in a brightly colored envelope.  With Pen Pals 4 Me there is always a guaranteed response.  Letters and postcards arrive on a schedule and we also give the children a postcard to mail back to their pal.  Kids know Pen Pals 4 Me mail is special and created just for them.  Pen Pals 4 Me is intended to entertain and motivate bright young writers and artists.

Let’s get started Read, Write, Draw and Create!

Choose a Pen Pals 4 Me Program based on your child’s age group:

This program is great for children just starting out with writing letters and words.  Content is suited for the youngest club members that may need adult assistance with reading and worksheet questions.  Some kindergarten age students will also enjoy this program as it allows them to build confidence and enjoy the reading, writing and art projects. Perfect for a young writer and artist that is ready for some fun!!

This program is designed for children who are writing several sentences on their own.  They have the ability to write about a topic and give details and examples in their writing.  Children in this program may still need assistance with reading but overall should be able to work independently.   This program will allow them to read, write and draw as they grow into an independent Amazing Author. Perfect for an aspiring writer that needs a little support and encouragement.

This program is for children that have experience writing and following a topic.  They should be able to read and write responses independently.  The writing will focus more on creativity and details as a growing Junior Journalist.  They should be able to read their writing, as well as share and answer questions about what they wrote.  Children will also feel more confident when asked to write in this program.  Parents can help with spelling and punctuation, but the overall goal is self expression. Perfect for a young journalist that can respond with ease and develop a true love for writing.

Choose a Pen Pal!

Pen Pals 4 Me has a page on their website where you and your child can choose who will be their Pen Pal.  Check out this adorable page HERE and you will also see Emma, which is who Brooke picked as her Pen Pal.  “Mom, she has a sister like me and loves the color purple!”  Yes, she was excited!


This is what Brooke received in her first “Welcome Box” for Pen Pals 4 Me:

  • Letter from your Pen Pal
  • Coloring Sheet
  • Set of 12 Markers
  • Art Card for drawing
  • Writing Stationary
  • Return Postcard
  • Purple Pen
  • Trading card
  • Activity Worksheet
  • My Cloud Activity
  • Reward Card
  • Challenge Card
  • Sticker Sheet!
  • Purple  box

Brooke was excited to read about all of the different Pen Pals and loved this packet.  She especially enjoyed the prompted stationary and colored markers and was quick to reply to one of the Pen Pals!  She had fun addressing the letter and putting it out in the mail.  This is a great way to get kids interested in reading and writing and to be able to expand their learning on a global level.  We are waiting for her new Pen Pal’s first reply and she usually asks every other day when she will receive something in the mail.  FUN!


Choose a Plan!

  • 3 Months $14.95 per MONTH  or a one time payment of $44.85
  • 6 Months $13.95 per MONTH  or a one time payment of $83.70
  • 12 Months $12.95 per MONTH or a one time payment of $155.40

About the CEO and Founder of PenPals 4 Me: Lisa created Pen Pals 4 Me to inspire children to Read, Write, Draw & Create.   Working with children for over 20 years, her career has focused on  being a positive role model and advocate of the arts.  She graduated from the University of Florida, with a B.S. degree from the College of Journalism and Communications.  She is also an award winning artist, business owner and most importantly a loving Mom to two amazing children.

Pen Pals 4 Me (Pen Pal Subscription Box)

List Price: $ Price Varies Per Subscription



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