Trudeau’s Grate New Gadget (Stocking Stuffer Recommendation!)


Trudeau’s Grate New Gadget

Hung by the chimney with care, holiday stocking stuffers can hold some of the best gifts of the season.  Both affordable and just the right size for a stocking of a foodie, here are a few of my favorites from Trudeau!


If you live with a foodie (guilty!) you also tend to have a lot of foodie friends.  Foodies like nice quality items which usually equates to EXPENSIVE.  I know.  Bob has enough gadgets and gizmos that rival any food-grade kitchen.  However, when you just want to purchase some nice holiday stocking stuffers for the foodies in your life, that can get a little tricky.  Luckily, Trudeau Cuisine have a great list of cool, nice, and inexpensive stocking stuffers that any foodie should love.  No, no need to applaud.  🙂  Just let me introduce TRUDEAU’S ROTARY GRATER!

With Trudeau’s Rotary Grater you can grate your ingredients safely and effectively with Trudeau’s multiple use Rotary Grater. The product is a dishwasher-safe grater and constructed of a stainless steel drum grater in an impact resistant white plastic frame. The handle holds food in place while the soft touch, non-slip revolving knob arm controls grating. This makes it easy to use as well as being quick to disassembles for cleaning.  Let guests pass the grater around the table with no worries of touching the block of cheese (or making a mess) as they serve themselves. Rotary graters are also faster and more user-friendly than other kinds of graters, the cylindrical grater plate never gets close to fingers.

BEST FOR: Achieving a perfect dusting of cheese over pasta or chocolate shavings over cappuccino. Trudeau’s Rotary Grater works for anything from food prep or individual food service, to grinding superfine and delicate nuts for baking. This indispensable gadget delivers better grinding results than a food processor and is easier and more manageable to handle.

BEST FEATURES: A lightweight body; a small drum (with larger ones, cheese can spin out too far and splatter).


About Trudeau: Whether you’re a pro at crafting the perfect cheese plate for dinner parties or love cooking for your family, Trudeau has the perfect tools and dinnerware fit for any style. Explore and discover the accessories you need to complete your perfect kitchen look!

Trudeau’s Grate New Gadget

List Price: $ 12.99

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