Unboxing the Bizarre through Crate Joy


Unboxing the Bizarre through Crate Joy

Do you like funky, weird, offbeat, and bizarre?  This box is for YOU!
The Unboxing the Bizarre™ is a subscription box that celebrates the wacky, crazy, and bizarre holidays not typically celebrated in the mainstream.  Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Ground Hog Day have all been covered, but what about Twilight Zone Day, Hug your Cat Day, and Root Canal Day? There IS a celebration for almost every day of the year and Brooke and I like to celebrate fun holidays like ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’, so this Bizarre Box sounded perfect for our family. The Unboxing the Bizarre™ box comes filled with items to celebrate the wild, wacky, and just downright bizarre holidays that don’t get the mainstream attention that they deserve. Hallelujah!
About the Unboxing the Bizarre™ subscription box:
  • At least 4 items based on 4 different weird, wacky, and offbeat holidays for the upcoming month in the Standard and Causes boxes.
  • Over $70 (MSRP) of downright wacky and fun items in the Standard and Causes Boxes – so you get the box for almost half the retail price of the items included!  WOW!
  • 3 different types of Boxes to choose from – Standard, Causes, Collectors
  • Free US Shipping on Collectors Box!
  • Donation to charity for every 500 new subscribers and for each Causes box!


Our Unboxing of our Collectors Bizarre Box:


I was so excited to open the Bizarre Box!  I had no idea what to expect and it was…well – quite bizarre.  The only thing tying the items in the box together is that the items are based on little known U.S. holidays that no one really celebrates.  Yes, there is a method to the madness but that didn’t mean the items were any less random!  I mean, I only heard about siblings day a few years ago and now it’s a thing on social media, but who knew before that?  The four items in the box represented a specific holiday for the month of September (yes, I’ve been holding back this review as a holiday recommendation – ha!) and it was a fun assortment of the interesting, unique, and – yes – the bizarre.

This is what we received:

  • Croton Reliance Skyscraper Pocketwatch ($17.49) (Holiday Tribute: National Skyscraper Day, Sept 3)
  • Smithsonian United Stamps 1000 piece PCS Puzzle ($17.99) (Holiday Tribute: National Neither Snow nor Rain Day, Sept 7)
  • South African Natural Hand-Made Teddy Bear Loaf Soap ($22.00) (Holiday Tribute: National Teddy Bear Day, Sept 9)
  • DC 100% Cotton Batman Cat T-shirt 2XL ($22.99) (Holiday Tribute: National Batman Day, Sept 17)

FullSizeRender[1]FullSizeRender[2]FullSizeRender[3]  Making Soap with the Loaf Soap was so much fun!

South African Natural Hand-Made Teddy Bear Loaf Soap was definitely our favorite!  I didn’t have a lot of information about this hand-made teddy bear soap loaf, except that it originated from South Africa.  The instructions are simple and they will make great gifts.  The soap seems to be made completely out of glycerin, but unfortunately no ingredients were listed on the package.

US  A Smithsonian U.S. states puzzle map

Wow!  Who could tell me about every single U.S. stamp that exists?  I’m sure there’s a few of you out there, and this is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family as well as getting an educational on U.S. stamps.  This is quite a difficult puzzle (it’s suited for kids 15+) and with 1000 pieces your eyes will start crossing, so you’ll need a few days (or weeks?) to complete.  It’s a wonderful challenge and beautiful to look at when you are done.  You can always glue your puzzle together when you are finished and have it framed, which is what we plan to do!

Cat Bat  Batman Cat in Costume T-Shirt (Size 2X:)

This is an a-dork-able fuzzy Batman Cat shirt, and it came in size 2X so I am swimming it it and it’s way too big for my hubby, but it makes the perfect bedtime shirt.  Cats deserve their own Caped Crusader, as shown by this funny tee! The Batman Cat in Costume T-Shirt is inspired by DC Comics’ Batman series, and features a cat dressed in a Dark Knight costume, complete with the bat-signal, a black bat within a yellow oval. Hilarious!

Croton Reliance Skyscraper Pocketwatch

I love this pocket watch, but I couldn’t find a lot of information about it.  Here’s what I do know: the Reliance by Croton collectible was made in commemoration of the impressive Empire State Building Skypscaper. The commemorative pocket watch collection by Croton is beautifully crafted and layered in brilliant 23kt gold. It features a genuine Japanese quartz movement accurate to within 30 seconds per year. This timepiece is adorned with antiqued accoutrements reflecting the historical style.  It also happens to be the perfect gift for someone in my family…but I’m not going to share on this post because – shhhh! – it’s a holiday surprise.

Total:  $ 80.47 (That’s $45.52 over the retail price of the subscription box!)

I truly just enjoy receiving products that I have never heard of before and I love surprises.  I was always the kid who wanted the paper grab bag gifts for a dollar I could buy in stores when I was little (side note: they need to bring the grab bag concept back!).  It’s that air of mystery that I love and the strange and interesting items in Unboxing the Bizarre let me relive those special experiences of my grab bag purchases as an adult.  I could have posted this review months ago, but I wanted to hold it as a holiday recommendation because I bet there are lots of people who love this sort of thing, too.  It would make an excellent Christmas gift for that lovable friend, hubby, or child that likes getting weird and random items just like me.  The only thing I would have loved to have is additional information on all of the products, but I also had fun trying to research them, too.  Perhaps the mystery made it even more special.  Long live the bizarre!

Unboxing the Bizarre through Crate Joy



List Price: $ 34.95 per month


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