AIRY Air Purifier


AIRY Air Purifier

AIRY is a unique air cleaning system, which utilizes the bio-power of  indoor plants.

Our youngest daughter was coughing and clearing her throat daily this fall and it all had to do with bad air quality outside, but now I realize that it was also the air indoors that was bothering her.  Often the air we all breathe is often more toxic indoors than outside.  Shock!  It is called the Toxic Home Syndrome or Sick Building Syndrome.  Since the 1990s, it is known that building materials, paint and insulation materials, glue, sealants, printers computers and electronics, carpets and other textiles evaporate poisonous substances. This astonishing fact is not commonly known and there is a natural air cleaner to combat indoor pollutants in your home.

AIRY is a flowerpot that enhances the air purifying capabilities of a plant by a factor of eight.  AIRY has been tested and the results have been certified that the cleansing power of the AIRY purifier when combined with the right plants can purifier the air inside your home.  AIRY is not only very functional but also looks great, and the AIRY pot has won the prestigious Red Dot Design award and is a nominee for the German Design Award 2017.

AIRY is a unique air cleaning system, which utilizes the bio-power of indoor plants.

As many of us know, plants purify the air.  Based on NASA research for space-stations, NASA discovered that the air purification from plants is happening up to 90% via the roots of plants. AIRY is the first plant pot to ventilate the root system.  As a result, plants that grow in an AIRY pot can absorb pollutants up to 8 times as much as in conventional plant pots.   The results mean that your home will benefit from purified air quality and help with  physical air pollution issues such as headaches or tiredness.

How does AIRY work?  The AIRY works without technology or a power plug: it uses the natural power of the plant, planting substrate and the specially designed AIRY pot, which ventilates air through the roots of the plant. The air reaches the roots through vents in the plant pot and a stack effect washes the roots with it.

One AIRY system (pot, substrate, plant) can neutralize about 75% of the most dangerous environmental toxins in a room of 16 sqm (172 sqf) in only 24 hours. The AIRY system includes:

  • 1 AIRY with 1,6 Liter water storage in color: air fins: “selection” and cover
  • Water level indicator
  • Expanded clay as a drainage layer for the water supply
  • Activated carbon for filtration of pollutants
  • Expanded clay as a drainage layer for the water supply incl. activated carbon for filtration of pollutants incl. AIRY-book (100 pages) with full information on air-purifying plants and pollutants (VOC’s)

Our thoughts:  Bob and I are impressed with the look and the quality of AIRY.  We have planted a spider plant in the pot and it has been very simple to use.  The pot includes clay and charcoal and we just needed to add soil and the plant.  The plant is easily watered with the side reservoir and it has an indicator when water is running low.  The instructions are very helpful and explain the significance of plants in purifying indoor air and this pot is equivalent to having 8 plants in a room instead of just one.  After using the AIRY for more than a month, we are noticing a difference in the quality of our indoor air, especially in how it has cut down on our girls stuffy noses and coughs.  I would definitely recommend this to families who want to purify their indoor air naturally or even for an office who wants to do the same.

Red Dot Design Award 2016:  AIRY won the prestigious Red Dot Award. Statement by the jury: “The AIRY plant pot successfully manages to combine functionality and aesthetics. With its unobtrusive appearance it shows a wide variety of plants off to their best advantage.”

Watch!  Check out this video on the benefits of the AIRY Air Purifier.  

AIRY Air Purifier

List Price: $ 79.99 (Available through Amazon Prime)

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