KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit


KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit

The #1 selling saliva ovulation test in the US with a monitor app for tracking. Accurately and naturally answers… Could I get pregnant today?

KNOWHEN is the first significant innovation in the pregnancy planning category in years, this at-home kit tests saliva, not urine, for accurate ovulation tracking. Traditional urine testing monitors for a sudden and short-lived surge in luteinizing hormones, while KNOWHEN tests the saliva for a more gradual and steady increase in estrogen.  Each morning before brushing teeth or consuming coffee, the user simply places a drop of saliva on the kit’s microscope.  When dry, she looks for a distinct fernlike pattern, which indicates the likelihood of becoming pregnant on that particular day. The kit also offers an excellent value since it is re-usable on a daily basis, indefinitely.  That means it also eliminates the guesswork that comes with urine test kits, since they typically only offer a limited quantity of strips.

Women finally have a convenient, affordable and highly accurate method of tracking ovulation at home, thanks to the first significant technological advance in the category in years. New KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit, a saliva-based daily monitoring method, is different from traditional urine ovulation tests designed to measure sudden and short-lived surges in luteinizing hormone (less precise and potentially challenging for women with irregular menstrual cycles.) Instead, KNOWHEN detects the amount of the hormone estrogen gradually building in a woman’s body, which is directly correlated with the amount of salt in her saliva, and thus is able to identify a woman’s five most fertile days during every cycle. An included personal fertility monitoring app provides valuable long-term information women can use to better understand their own reproductive health, as well as share with their health care providers.

  • Uses saliva, not urine to quickly, accurately and naturally detect user’s 5 most fertile days
  • Kit features a mini-ovulation microscope that can be reused daily indefinitely; user simply supplies one drop of saliva each day
  • Kit includes a free personal fertility monitoring app for easy tracking of menstrual cycle, ovulation, sexual activity and the best time for conception
  • When estrogen levels increase, signaling imminent or occurring ovulation, saliva becomes highly saline
  • FDA reviewed, registered and certified
  • Backed by clinical studies in the U.S. and proven 98.9% accurate
  • Ob/Gyn recommended
  • Safe, natural, easy-to-use and available over-the-counter
  • Unlike most urine kits which contain a limited supply of one-use strips, the KNOWHEN kit can be reused indefinitely and there is no second guessing about when to test during the month
  • Effective for women with irregular cycles

 To use:

  • Place drop of saliva on mini-ovulation microscope lens first thing in the morning (before brushing teeth or consuming coffee)
  • Allow to dry (This takes just a few minutes)
  • View results in eyepiece
  • Cover lens immediately after use
  • Clean lens with included cloth before next use
  • Record results on app to keep track over time

Free Tracking Device:  KNOWHEN also comes with a free tracking app that over time, charts a woman’s menstruation, ovulation and sexual activity history.   This is an invaluable resource that helps women better understand their reproductive health, and one they can share with their doctors as appropriate.

About HiLin Life Products:  KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit is developed and manufactured by HiLin Life Products, a Newark, NJ-based maker of next generation medical devices combining a holistic, natural approach with scientific accuracy that empowers women’s health.

KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test Kit

List Price: $49.99

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