George & Georgette Shoes (Children’s Fashion)


George & Georgette Shoes (Children’s Fashion)

The whole line proposes mismatched shoes for kids (and one day, women!). Our shoes do not exactly match but complement one another, they are twins!

I’m really excited to tell you about a new shoe company created by twin sisters called George & Georgette shoes.  The sisters, Christelle et Daphné, AKA Chris & Daph are twin sisters who were born in Brussels and started an intense cohabitation in their equally intense 380 square foot apartment. Daphné became a speech pathologist then an acupuncturist and Christelle, a skilled elementary school teacher.  However, in 2010, the split happened, Daphné and her husband moved to New York City with Chris staying in Europe. BUT, just try to separate twins and their “gathering” instinct will kick in. The need to embark on a joint venture naturally arose (along with plenty of new excuses to keep calling each other).  George & Georgette shoes were born!

  Notice the similar but mis-matched pairs of shoes between the girls!  So sweet!

Dangerously close to their 35th birthday, the twins decided to start a collection of mismatched shoes for kids! But WHY ON EARTH?  Because the mere thought of it would bring a smile to their faces and many happy memories from childhood to their minds. As kids, their mom would buy them the same shoes but often in different colors and they would sometimes switch them to create an extra level of twinitude.  The plan was clear, they would make TWINS SHOES, shoes that are not identical but complement each other. Shoes sometimes very similar, sometimes not . Just like real life twins!  What they might not have realized is that many parents, like me, find these adorable mis-matched shoes to be the perfect compliment to my younger daughter’s outfits.  They are similar enough to not lookout of place, but different enough so the shoes are unique.  Brie gets a LOT of compliments on her unique and cute shoes!  LOVE!

The Collection (so far!):

  • Catfish
  • City
  • Jungle
  • Music
  • Nature

Nature2  The Nature Shoes – Brie’s favorite pair!  How ADORABLE are they?!?!


Sizing!  Choose the size according to your child’s foot length. Don’t just depend on your feeling because that baby is growing every day and shoe sizes vary by brand! Come on, do the measurements and save ourselves and the planet that extra shipping! Thank you!  Printout + instructions are here


George & Georgette Shoes (Children’s Fashion)

List Price: $ 42.00

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