Emoji Pillows and Feetmoji slippers by #PLUSHMOJI


Emoji Pillows and Feetmoji slippers by #PLUSHMOJI

PlushMoji is your source for high quality emoji pillows, emoji slippers, emoji pens, emoji keychains, emoji ornaments, and more!

It happened!  My daughter learned about emojis (you know, the ’emotional icons’ people use every day in their use of technology…) without ever having access to the internet or cell phones through her friends at elementary school.  When I started showing her all the options of emojis on my cell phone, one stuck out to her.  Can you guess?  She’s SIX, by the way.  Yes, it’s the Smiley Poo emoji.  She thinks it is the most hilarious thing in the world.  At least once a week, she says, “Can I send ‘so and so’ (usually daddy) the poo emoji?”  It’s an even BIGGER treat for her when she gets one back.  I get it.  Poop is funny, especially for a first grader, so when I started looking for Christmas gifts and learned about PlushMoji, it was a real no brainer.  Brooke was going to get a taste of her own fun-loving poo emojis and I KNEW she was going to LOVE it.  I just had no idea how much she was going to love it!  YIKES!!!!!  I’ve started a poo emoji phenomena in my own house and I’m afraid it’s my own doing.


Emo Emoji Slippers – Smiley Poo (List Price: $14.99)

Introducing FeetMoji! PlushMoji® created a new line of plush emoji slippers that are perfect for ensuring the highest possible moji levels for your feet. The most popular design?  The smiling poo emoji slippers, of course.  They aren’t just for kids, you can purchase these Smiley Poo slippers in adult and child sizes.  Luckily, they don’t smell the way that they look and I have to say they make me laugh every time I see her wearing them. Sure, there are a few competitors out there but nothing compares to FeetMoji and their crazy likeness to the emojis on my phone!



Plush Emoji Pillows – Smiley Poop #PlushMoji (List Price: $5.99 6″ plush)

Now can you guess what the most popular PlushMoji® Emoji Icon Pillow is to date?  Yup, the world is in LOVE with Smiley Poop.  Go figure.  It’s their best seller and it’s easy to see why.  Never in the history of this universe has anything, especially poo, ever been so happy. The Poop PlushMoji® Emoji Icon Pillow knows what it is, but seems to be totally at peace with itself.  How very ZEN.  The Smiley Poo emoji plush pillows are available in 6″ and 12″.


Emoji  Emoji Ornaments – #TreeMoji ($2.99 Each)

Decorate your Christmas tree with these small, light weight, 3″ Plush Emoji Ornaments.  They are absolutely perfect for your tree and oh so current! Make it an emoji Christmas this year by decorating your tree with your favorite emoji. With 13 different styles of emoji ornaments to choose from, these will give your tree the Moji it needs to get through the holidays.  PlushMoji® have officially named them their Christmas “TreeMojis”.

Some of the Christmas “TreeMojis” Available:

  1. Purple Devil
  2. Wink Sunglasses
  3. Smiley Tongue
  4. Smirk
  5. Heart Eyes
  6. Line Face
  7. Kissy Face
  8. Naughty Face
  9. Grinning
  10. Unamused Face
  11. Tears of Joy

Enjoy and have a very merry and smiley poo Christmas season! 

Emoji Pillows and Feetmoji slippers by #PLUSHMOJI


List Price: $ 2.99 – $ 14.99

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