Blue and Red Make Purple: new jazz album by The Secret Mountain (Hardcover/CD Combo)

Secret Mountain

Blue and Red Make Purple: new jazz album by The Secret Mountain (Hardcover/CD Combo)

Children’s book publisher of innovative, award-winning picture book-CDs, apps and ebooks featuring the best in world, folk, jazz, rock and classical music

Oh goody!  A new The Secret Mountain book and accompanying CD is out! If you are looking for great educational music with a background story, you have come to the right place.  In fact, you can use their material in conjunction with the Common Core curriculum (or, in our case, the Texas standard which is quite similar to CC) and it’s an effective vehicle for teaching children early literacy and language.  I’m always surprised with how different each new book is and how it focuses on different genres and musical styles, so the first thing we did when we received Blue and Red Make Purple in the mail, I pop in the album and broke out the book to start learning with my girls.  What we heard were 12 ORIGINAL songs that were set in different musical jazz styles – from bluegrass to Cajun to even swing and folk – but the words are geared towards children.

Blue and Red Make Purple is a fun and enjoyable listen for a family and there is so much information in the book for parents and children that it made me a little giddy when I read it to my girls.  The book’s notes include the history, instruments, and the uniqueness of each musical genre that is on the album and it’s so much fun to talk about while we were listening.  Discover klezmer and calypso music.  Be inspired to express yourself.  Check out the colorful picture book which features beautiful original illustrations by Steve Adams.  Create your own sounds and discover  the songwriting process itself.  I always enjoy when lyrics are included, and they are there in full print in the delightful music-forward title.

The album performer is the talented Jennifer Gasoi’s music including her GRAMMY Award winning hit “Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well.”  Since we listen to a lot of music in our car, we really enjoy the travel-theme tunes of  “Little Blue Car” and “Goin’ on a Trip.”  The lyrics are very positive and Gasoi hopes that readers will be inspired to “express themselves, tap into their own mastery, and embrace their unique gifts.”  Be sure to pay close attention to the positive message in “Bright Side of Life” which is the strong anchor that holds the entire album’s theme close in its chorus.  LOVE!

CD Playlist:

  1. Little Blue Car
  2. Throw a Penny in a Wishing Well
  3. Different Kind of Rhythm
  4. Baby Blue
  5. Goin’ on a Trip
  6. The Bayou
  7. The Animal Party
  8. Digeridoodle
  9. Hey There Joe
  10. All Join Hands
  11. Bright Side of Life
  12. Purple Man

About Jennifer Gasoi: Jennifer Gasoi is a GRAMMY and Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner. She is one of Canada’s most acclaimed children’s performers and recording artists, offering upbeat, intelligent jazz and world beat influenced original music with all-ages appeal. In addition to her frequent sold-out performances throughout Canada, the Vancouver-born singer-songwriter has garnered fans at her concerts in the United States, Brazil, Israel, Singapore, India, the U.K. and Japan. Steve Adams has collaborated with many publications over the years, such as The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and The Globe & Mail. He has also illustrated several books for children, including the award-winning picture book “The Boy Who Grew Flowers” (Barefoot Books). Both live in Montreal.

About The Secret Mountain:  The Secret Mountain, celebrating 15 years of publishing music-forward children’s storybooks, has released popular titles focusing on classical music, including Amazing Water, Listen to the Birds, Simply Fantastic (all three by Ana Gerhard) and Sleep Softly. The extensive catalogue of award-winning storybook-music CD titles for children includes It’s Raining Cats and Dogs, Songs from the Baobob (African Lullabies), Dreams Are Made for Children (Classic Jazz Lullabies), A Duck in New York City by singer-songwriter Connie Kaldor and Tomorrow is a Chance To Start Over (Hilary Grist). The publishing house also has an impressive enhanced ebook list.

Blue and Red Make Purple: new jazz album by The Secret Mountain (Hardcover/CD Combo)

List Price: $ 16.95


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