Where’s Waldo Halloween costumes for couples with Oriental Trading (Sponsored Post)


Where’s Waldo Halloween costumes for couples with Oriental Trading (Sponsored Post)

Oriental Trading is your go-to source for fun inspiration! Celebrating Over 80 Years of Fun!

Halloween is probably my FAVORITE holiday.  I love to dress up and have fun, which is probably why I was a theater kid.  It’s fun to play a role and it’s even more fun when you have cool costumes.  The green room in a theater is like a shrine of goodness to me.  A make-up chair is like a throne.  See, I get all giddy just writing about it.  I’m sure my husband won’t be TOO embarrassed if I say that our daughter Brooke, was a Halloween baby.  She was conceived right around the holiday.  Although she was originally supposed to be born in August, she came kicking and gasping into the world in mid-July for a premature exit.  She made her grand entrance as if to say, “I’m ready for the stage!”

Bob and I have spent the last six Halloween’s doing family costumes.  In fact, we are doing it again this year when our family is going to dress up like characters from the Wizard of Oz.  Brooke will be the Tin Man, Brie is Dorothy, I will be the Cowardly Lion, and Bob is going to be the Scarecrow.  However, for the first time in six years, we are also taking Halloween back.  We are doing our separate couples costumes and parties for the season in addition to our family events and I couldn’t be more excited.  I love our family costumes and Halloween events – don’t get me wrong – but Halloween is for everyone and we parents like to let loose sans kids.  This year, my husband and I are also celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary in October (again, because it’s my favorite month, so why not get married in October?!?!) and we are going out on a night in the town, seeing a GROWN-UP (GASP) concert and doing our own Halloween thing.  We HAD to do a couple’s costume and the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow wouldn’t cut it.  We decided to go with one of my favorite book cartoon characters and dress up like Where’s Waldo.  And – it is ADORABLE.


Familiar striped-patterned Waldo turns sassy! This sexy Halloween costume is reminiscent of the classic “Where’s Waldo” books. Tank and blue mini skirt. Polyester.

Also Includes:
• Striped stockings
• Hat
• Glasses

Made in the USA.

Make it easy for your friends to find Waldo when you’re wearing this fun Halloween costume! Look like you just came from the pages of the classic “Where’s Waldo” book. Officially licensed signature accessories included in costume. Polyester.

• Waldo hat
• Glasses
• Famous red and white striped shirt

Made in the USA.

Total = $ 71.98

Note:  Costumes are also available in plus sizes and for kids!


No, we don’t have a dog, but if we did, you can be sure he’d be decked out in the Where’s Waldo? Woof Dog Costume!

Waldo2  Where’s Waldo? Woof Dog Costume IN-13638539 $21.99

About Where’s Waldo!

Do I really need to explain Waldo?  Perhaps I do.  For one thing, Waldo is not only an elusive traveler, he also live incognito as ‘Wally’.  Let me explain!  In 1986, English illustrator Martin Handford was asked by his art director at Walker Books to draw a character with peculiar features so that his pictures of crowds had a focal point.  After mulling this over, Handford created ‘Wally’, a world and time traveler who dressed in the now notorious red and white striped tees.  These hunt-and-find books took A LOT of work.  In fact, Handford could take up to eight weeks to just draw a two page sketch of Wally in his crowded pictures.  The first Where’s Wally? book was published on Monday 21 September 1987 by Walker Books, but the title was then changed when it was first published by Little, Brown and Company (subsequent books published in the US were under Candlewick press which is Walker Books’ American subsidiary publishing company) under the title Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Wally? and Where’s Waldo? became smashing hits and readers were challenged to find the hidden Waldo among the pages.  While his distinctive red and white shirt, hat, and glasses may make him a little easier to spot, the books make Wally/Waldo difficult to find.  Many illustrations contain something called a red herring, which is a deceptive use of red-and-white striped objects to trick the reader’s eyes. This long-running book series added other targets for readers to find and have inspired a TV show, a comic strip and a series of video games.  Go Waldo!


Our Thoughts: My husband is a hard person to buy for when it comes to Halloween costumes, but Where’s Waldo was an instant success. The look is easily recognizable and our matching costumes looked ‘oh so cute’ together.  The fit for both of us is flattering and I’m half tempted to steal my husband’s hat to wear this winter.  So ADORABLE!  The matching couples costumes are inexpensive and anything but cheap!  From a company called Oriental Trading, I was pleased and surprised to learn that these costumes are, in fact, made in the USA.  Wowsa.  Folks, we have a winner!

Free Shipping!  Oriental Trading has free shipping for order that total over $49.00!

Where’s Waldo Halloween costumes for couples with Oriental Trading (Sponsored Post)


List Price: $ Varies Per Item


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