New Non-toxic & Kid Friendly Nail Wraps by Glossique (Halloween Fun!) *Coupon Code*


New Non-toxic & Kid Friendly Nail Wraps by Glossique (Halloween Fun!)

New non-toxic & kid friendly nail wrap brand, Glossique (, has awesome Halloween and fall inspired nail wraps!

Just in case you didn’t know by now, I’m a HUGE sucker for Halloween.  It’s my favorite holiday that kicks off my favorite season and I tend to go a little ga-ga over it.  Fortunately, my family is always game in our annual Halloween family costume tradition – for now.  I will be a little sad when my oldest daughter will more than likely decided it’s ‘so uncool’ to keep up with this tradition, so for now I’m LOVING this annual celebration and all things Halloween-y.

halloween-mommas  Our costumes throughout the years!

Knowing my passion for Halloween flare, it’s not hard to see that I flipped a little (ok..a lot!) for these new spooky and sassy nail wraps from a company called Glossique that have adorable Halloween patterns!  I mean, who could resist those purple velvet widow nails?!?  No one, I say!  Ha!  One of the best parts about Glossique nail wraps is they are SAFE, FUN and EASY for children to use- there is no heating required for application, they are chemical free, durable and simply peel off without damaging nails!  Now I have to assume you have been following my blog for years now (right?!?) and that my daughters and I love to paint our nails and we like to use non-toxic paint.  That said, the paint tends to chip fast so we always know that within a day or two, we have to get the remover out or re-touch our nails.  I had not tried nail wraps mainly because I didn’t want anything chemical on my nails and with Glossique I knew they were safe to use on my nails and on my girls’ nails.  Whoo hoo!  I didn’t know what to expect, I’m not exactly a picture perfect nail artist, but Glossique is so simple to use that all my worries of messing up our nails went out the window quickly!



Patterns: All Hallows Eve, Bewitched, Velvet Widow, Spooktacular, 6 Feet Under

About Glossique:

Glossique is a new nail wrap retail company (starting in 2015) that provides a safe and creative way to express style through fingernail design. Glossique Nail Deco was created by working moms (see pic below) who were looking for an alternative to time-consuming and pricey nail salons.  They have over 150 patterns available (WOW!) and they feature instant, heatless application that will save you both time and money.  The patterned nail wraps are long-lasting and chemical-free and there is no drying, no chipping, and no smudging.

glossGlossique Nail Deco


With all those different options and patterns, I knew I’d find some fun and unique designs for me and my girls and I couldn’t help but be drawn to the football season designs and show some Ohio love to the Bengals.  Whoo hoo!  Hey, I may be a Texan now, but I will always support my Ohio teams.  I am hoping Glossique comes out with some college football designs, because I would love some Buckeye nails to show my support.  For now, I’ll cheer on my professional sports team of choice and bust out the Halloween wraps for this season.  LOVE!

ohioWho Dey?!

Check it out!  If you’re interested in earning money from home as a Glossique consultant, they are happy to send additional information about how to become a Glossy Girl!! To start earning commission, sign up as a Glossique consultant here:

Coupon Code!  My readers can use the coupon code “Spooky20” to receive 20% off on all Halloween wraps at www.glossique.comGood until October 31, 2016!

New Non-toxic & Kid Friendly Nail Wraps by Glossique (Halloween Fun!)

List Price: $ 15.00 per set (available in regular and petite)

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