Amy Lee of Evanescence Releases ‘Dream Too Much’ with Amazon September 30 *Exclusive Download*


Amy Lee of Evanescence Releases ‘Dream Too Much’ with Amazon September 30

You get unlimited streaming of this album with your Prime membership!

If you follow my blog, you would know that exactly a year ago announced that Amazon customers and Prime members in the U.S. and U.K now had access to original children’s music FOR FREE with the debut of two new children’s albums!  These two albums; Great Pretenders Club by The Pop Ups, a GRAMMY-nominated children’s musical duo and GRAMMY-nominated, Lisa Loeb’s Nursery Rhyme Parade, became available for streaming for exclusive, unlimited ad-free listening on Prime Music for Amazon Prime members at no additional cost to their membership. (Note: Of course, you can also purchase the album as either download or physical CD format if you are not a Prime member.)  The news of free online streaming albums from Amazon was especially exciting news for me since I am also a children’s music reviewer (and Prime member) and this new format has proven to be successful.  In honor of it’s one year anniversary debut, a brand new original children’s album from Amy Lee — the GRAMMY award-winning co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band, Evanescence is now available for free streaming and purchase.  Not only that, this option has been extended to the additional Amazon Prime members in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and Japan!

Amy Lee tells Rolling Stone that Dream Too Much was a true family affair, with songs inspired by life with her two year old son, and by her father, who is also a musician.The album also features her two sisters, brother and uncle. “I’m always looking for ways that I can expand myself creatively, and this was a surprise.This kind of came out of a very random place and a very pure place. It was just for ourselves, and it turned into something really beautiful.”

Check it out!  Listen to the title track of Dream Too MuchHERE!

Dream Too Much features 12 newly recorded songs, including seven originals and five popular covers.  These 12 songs encourage children and families to sing along together. Inspired by Lee’s son and her own musical upbringing, the album features guest appearances by several family members, including backing vocals by her siblings, and instrumentals by both her father and uncle.  Some fun family-classic songs include Sesame Street “Rubber Duckie,” the Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye” and R&B standard “Goodnight My Love.”  Lee worked with her family (right here in Texas!) including her father (who plays the ukulele, dobro and banjo), her sisters Carrie and Lori who do lovely harmonies, and even her uncle who plays the guitar, bass, and harmonica.

“Dad has always been talking about making some kid songs for Jack to have later in life,” Lee tells Rolling Stone. “[My husband suggested,] ‘You guys should just do it, get in the studio together, you’ve never been in the studio together, you’re both musicians.”

The loveliest part of her family-featured album is that Amy Lee’s son, Jack, even makes a cameo!  The songs are all sweet, upbeat, and genuinely fun to listen to with your kids.  The lyrics of Amy Lee’s new songs were inspired by everyday life with her own son.  I was thrilled to hear about her little son’s love of books, which inspired Amy Lee’s song “The End of the Book” because Jack would often get upset when the book was done.  As Amy Lee sings on the title track, “There’s no way you can dream too much.”  Beautiful!

More on Amazon Prime Music and Amy Lee’s new Album:

Prime members can listen to Amy Lee’s entire album at no additional cost to their membership on compatible devices that support Amazon Music, including Amazon Echo, Fire devices, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Sonos Players, the Web and more—songs can also be downloaded for offline listening on mobile devices. To find out how to listen, visit In addition to exclusively streaming on Prime Music, and digital download availability, customers can also come to to purchase the physical CD of the album, Dream Too Much—physical pre-order is available today A full-length video featuring animated interpretations of every song is currently in the works and will premiere in the fall on Amazon Prime.  To learn more about this newest release in Amazon’s growing library of original children’s and family music exclusively streaming on Prime Music, read the official announcement HERE.

“Our focus when developing originals is to provide unique collections that Prime members can’t find anywhere else,” said Steve Boom, VP of Digital Music for Amazon. “Amy Lee’s versatility as an award-winning rock vocalist gave us an opportunity to rethink traditional children’s music and create an album that can be enjoyed by every member of the family—we can’t wait for Prime members to listen.”

Amy Lee

Track Listing:

  1. Stand by Me
  2. Dream Too Much
  3. Bee and Duck
  4. I’m Not Tired
  5. Little Bird
  6. Alice
  7. Rubber Duckie
  8. Hello Goodbye
  9. Donkey and Chicken
  10. The End of the Book
  11. If You’re a Star
  12. Goodnight My Love

Exclusive Download! Amy loves doing crafty things with her child, and she collaborated with a wonderful animation team in Italy to create the paper cutouts for a few new music videos.  In fact, Momma’s Bacon has the exclusive download for one of the adorable paper animal patterns from Amy’s “Dream Too Much” video! This is something fun and easy for kids/parents to create. Check out the paper art design of ‘Muffin’ at the following link and get creative!:

Amy Lee of Evanescence Releases ‘Dream Too Much’ with Amazon September 30


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