Messenger Diaper Bag Graphic Road Trip by DadGear (Diaper Bag for Dads)


Messenger Diaper Bag Graphic Road Trip by DadGear (Diaper Bag for Dads)

Diaper Bags and Other Great Gear – Let the Holiday Gift Recommendations Begin!

My husband was a stay at home dad for four years and he did an awesome job.  Our girls are still little and while our load at carrying items have gotten lighter having a toddler and a first grader, daddy still has to carry around his DadGear.  It was a sad, sad day when my husband took our toddler to the grocery store and (I imagine being distracted) his favorite backpack/diaper bag was left in the cart.  After frantically searching, he realized, “Oh no! I left it in the shopping cart bottom!”  He contacted the store, but no one had turned it in.  He was SOOOOO bummed because it was a backpack he used for years; with both girls, and he had come to rely on it, filled with remedies, wipes, seat covers, Band-Aids, etc., was suddenly gone.  Even with his phone number and name on the bag, I knew we would never see it again.  Instead of getting upset, I thought – “AH HA!  I will get him an even BETTER diaper bag that now works with our less chaotic diaper bag needs!”  Guess what?  I found the answer in the Messenger Diaper Bags made especially for dads by dads.

DadGear™  founded by two fathers from Denver, CO, is focused on equipping dads around the world with great-looking, high quality, practical diaper bag solution. DadGear designs the best Dad diaper bags and, guess what,  Moms can use DadGear too! DadGear has so many cool different bags and designs that are awesome looking but extremely functional as a diaper bag. I picked out the Urban Messenger bad for Bob that features 11 pockets and 24 liters of capacity for all their storage needs. It has an ultra-padded, detachable shoulder harness that adjusts for either shoulder and provides true comfort and stability.  There is even a closed pocketed 17””x10”” padded technology sleeve that keeps your laptop or tablet well-protected along the way!  WOW!  This is a definite go-to diaper bag for dads and I can see Bob using this even after the diaper bag isn’t necessarily needed anymore.  As we moms already know, our purses are stock piled full of child things and now that dads are becoming more and more involved as parents, their very own messenger bags may be the new wave of the parenting future for dads well until their kids go off to college.  One of the reasons this is the best Dad diaper bag is because it is designed to be hands free so you can change, feed, and entertain your child without ever having to set the bag down. Like all of DadGear bags it is made right here in the USA! And truly is a great gift for any new parent.  Be passionate about getting involved with your kiddos, dad!  Truly, the best way to bond with your kids is through spending time with them.  And, yes, that means you need a diaper bag with the little ones!


Dad will proudly carry the Messenger Diaper bag. Designed like a bike messenger bag, the Messenger is comfortable, durable, and looks cool too. On the inside, it’s packed with thoughtful features like the Quick Access Wipes Case that are sure to make your life easier. The Messenger is designed to be hands free so you can change, feed, and entertain your child without ever having to set the bag down.


  • A Quick access wipes window that fits most brands of baby wipes
  • Two large interior pockets for storage
  • Two bottle pockets accessible from outside or inside the bag
  • Two tall zippered pockets under the flap for creams
  • Removable changing pad included in its own pocket to eliminate cross contamination
  • Integrated stroller straps attach to any style stroller
  • Light-colored interior helps you see everything inside
  • Large, adjustable 2 inch wide strap with shoulder pad


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DadGear Tip: For a fun bath-time activity, consider this safe and fun glowing bath water. This is a great way to get those little ones to enjoy their bath. Go ahead, get out there and take your DadGear Messenger Diaper Bag to stay organized!

Messenger Diaper Bag Graphic Road Trip by DadGear (Diaper Bag for Dads)

List Price: $ 49.00 (Currently on sale!)



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