Bottle Blasters – the Icky, Sticky, Fixey Cap (Made in Texas!)


Bottle Blasters – the Icky, Sticky, Fixey Cap

A Bottle Blasters cap adds to a bottle of water creating a shower stream and conserves water up to 90%.

What is Bottle Blasters? Clink on this link HERE to find out!

Everyday Use – Bottle Blasters turns your every day water bottle into a squirt water bottle!

Bottle Blasters is a new and fun product that attaches to your standard water bottle. Once attached, Bottle Blasters turns a regular bottle of water in to a tool that can we used not only for drinking but also for cleaning, watering plants, camping and cooling of pets outdoors. The cap conserves the amount of water used while efficiently fulfilling everyday needs.  The Bottle Blasters cap allows you to use an everyday bottle of water to conserve and increase the flow of water creating a shower stream effect.  90% of bottled water has one of two cap sizes. The two-sided Bottle Blasters (that has a fantastic clip attached to it) cap fits both. People use water bottles every day to hydrate, refresh, cleanse, wash up, first aide, hunting, fishing, and camping. Bottle Blasters simply made it easier, smarter, and more conservative.


  • Make sure you’re using the right side of the Bottle Blasters cap, it should fit tightly. If the cap spins and never tightens, flip it over and try that side!  Bottle Blasters were designed to fit over 90% of water bottles on the market.  Wow!


Multi-Purpose Caps!

  • Hydrate
  • Shower
  • Travel
  • Rinse

Bottle3 Click on image to enlarge!

Charity! Bottle Blasters partner with The Last Well, a non-profit organization out of Texas that is trying to provide clean water to every single person in Liberia, Africa by 2020.  Check them out!  The Last Well

Bottle Blasters – the Icky, Sticky, Fixey Cap

List Price: $ 9.99 (3-Pack)


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