SimplyFun’s Global Ranking


 Test your knowledge of Geography and Demographics!

Be honest!  If you had to rank 51 countries based on geography and demographics, do you think you could actually do it?  This is part of SimplyFun’s new game called Global Ranking where kids and parents can step up to the challenge in global ranking. 


Game Overview:
I like to think of myself as a geography buff and this fast and furious game (played in less than 15 minutes) was a fun challenge.  Parents and kids (up to six players!) will tap into their knowledge of geography and demographics by comparing three countries from different country cards and vote for the country that best fits the criteria on the spinner.  Players must rank 51 countries in total across 10 different categories!  If you vote for the country that best fits each category, you win a token!  The first player with 10 Point Tokens wins the game.  It’s quick, it’s entertaining and, more importantly, you get to learn different global demographics and learn about geography.  So fun!


  • Geography
  • Demographic
Ages 10 and up ⋅ 15 Minutes ⋅ 1 – 6 Players
Box Contains:
  • 1 Global Spinner
  • 51 Country Cards
  • 21 Ranking Tiles
  • 70 Point Tokens
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • 1 Rules Booklet

About Simply Fun:  Simply Fun says their mission is one that really matters!  They want to make learning fun and easy for kids while also helping families stay connected.  Now that is something I can champion!  The Bellevue, WA company has a new Simply Fun Blog and offers a monthly newsletter chalk full of fun family play time ideas.  Check out Simply Fun’s entire award-winning series here and they have been the recipient of many awards.  Impressive!

SimplyFun’s Global Ranking

List Price: $ 30.00

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