I Can Be Kind: My First Manners Book (Lift-The-Flap) (Paperback)


I Can Be Kind: My First Manners Book (Lift-The-Flap) (Paperback)

I Can Be Kind is a great resource for parents, and grandparents as they seek to develop these behaviors in their children.

Good manners and kindness start at home.  I still believe that is true, but I also realize now that there is a huge difference of the experience between our oldest daughter, who stayed at home with her dad until she was four, and our youngest, who started daycare when she was just a baby.  As our youngest approaches three, we quickly began to realize that many things that she has picked up; her mannerisms, the way she speaks, and how she interacts with children, came from preschool.  Some of it is great, some of it is not.  When you are the smallest child in a room full of 18 other two year olds, you sometimes learn how to fight to get what you want.  At least, that is what has happened in her classroom.  Over the course of six months, her class has had high turnover with teachers and she didn’t have a constant teacher to oversee the children on a regular basis.  It became a chaotic classroom to say the least!  As we are now looking for a new preschool for her, we are trying to instill that kindness matters and that her recent antics aren’t acceptable.  It’s a hard thing to do with two full-time working parents who do their best with just an hour or two with her on the weeknights.  On the weekends, things are calm, but Monday morning the whole process starts again.  I do what I normally do, I look for great books to read her on how to be kind.

Being kind to others means treating them with respect, kindness, and manners.  We were looking for a fun way to teach our youngest on how to behave politely in an often times rude atmosphere.  Two year olds are not known for their kindness, which is why this book is really geared towards ages 3-5, but as our daughter is inching her way to 3, I am beginning to really work with her to use her words and that waiting your turn is a good thing.  The pages in I Can Be Kind are all full-color, coated pages. The drawings are sweet and each two-page spread has a sentence on the left page about something that can be done that shows good manners.  Things like including others, taking turns and saying please and thank you.  Brie is already quite good at many of these things, and I know this two year old phase will pass, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try to steer her into a more positive direction of kindness.

I Can Be Kind by Amie Carlson is illustrated by Hether Heyworth and is a great book for both boys and girls. It’s demonstrates practical examples and ways of how children can show kindness toward the people in their lives. The characters in the book are shown doing things like using kind words, helping with chores, waiting their turn, saying please and thank you, giving a hand to someone, and having a great attitude. There is even a section at the end of the book that has ten ways to show good manners.  Brie really loves that this is a lift the flap book which makes her want to keep reading it again and again.  I feel this book is an excellent teaching tool for at home, school, or classroom setting!  I want to commend all the parents who are dealing with the ‘terrible twos’ and remember, through love, kindness, and a good example, we will all get through it and help develop loving and kind little humans.

I Can Be Kind: My First Manners Book (Lift-The-Flap) (Paperback)


List Price: $ 7.99

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