Little Passports World Classroom Subscription (For Teachers)

Little Passports

Little Passports World Classroom Subscription (For Teachers)

Use Little Passports in the Classroom!

Now it’s easy for teachers to integrate a World Edition subscription into their curriculum. Introducing the Classroom Subscription and digital Teacher Guides!

Little Passports4  Meet Globetrotting Pen Pals Sam & Sofia

Our family has been a fan of Little Passports international learning subscription kits since we first starting using it in the middle of 2012 and I did a review for this very blog.  It is a fun and educational way for you and your child to have cultural adventures without ever leaving your front door.  Let me explain!  You child will get to join characters Sam and Sofia as they travel the world each month and share their adventures through the mail with your child.  Little Passports monthly shipments incorporate the element of anticipation and surprise for children by sending monthly travel packages through the mail (think pen pals that send you gifts!) with different learning tools on other countries to help facilitate learning.  In addition to a first month’s initial Explorer Kit, Little Passports have dozens of separate monthly mailings available for many countries including; Antarctica, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, England, France, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and Turkey!  I found the Explorer Kit to be of excellent quality and I find the monthly pen pal letters with goodies a very inspiring way for our young ones to learn about other countries.

Fast forward to 2016 and Little Passports has once again impressed me with their latest subscription package and this time it is for the classroom!  The Little Passports World Classroom Subscription is recommended for grades 1 through 4 and it just so happens that my oldest daughter is a newly minted first grader.  Score!  Now her class is able to explore a new country each month with their pen pals Sam & Sofia together.  The subscription kit has monthly letters, souvenirs, activity packages and a whole lot more in order for each child to discuss and discover new cultures with the help of their teacher.  Pretty awesome.

Little Passports3  Each child gets their own World Passport

The first kit arrives with a world passport for every child in the classroom and includes materials that reinforce geography, reading, and problem-solving skills.  The teacher also receives a digital Teachers Guide to help him or her integrate each month’s lesson into their curriculum.  The material includes bonus content, vocabulary, printables, and even a pop quiz to test the students on what they have learned.  Each month, every student in the class can add a new country’s sticker into their very own World Passport and create fun souvenirs like making origami from the Japan package.

Little Passports2  Peek inside the Japan package

Bonus Teacher Guides are also available and include more than 10 pages of engagement activities.  The guides are available for free download at the Little Passports website HERE.  Currently, the six month classroom subscription contains the following guides and countries:

  • Month 1:  World Explorer
  • Month 2:  Brazil
  • Month 3:  Japan
  • Month 4:  France
  • Month 5:  Egypt
  • Month 6:  Australia

Little Passports5  Bonus Teacher Guides

This is an impressive subscription that is sure to entertain, encourage, and give the gift of learning and loving new cultures and countries within a classroom setting.  It’s a wonderful way to promote international learning in the classroom.  I know that Little Passports has inspired my family to learn about the world and I’m excited that Brooke will get the opportunity to continue her studies through Little Passports as a first grader.  One of the most exciting things for me, as her parent, has been Brooke’s love of learning countries on the map and she not only can point out multiple countries and continents on our Little Passports map, she also knows and can draw many countries flags.  There is so much to discover in our world and I’m excited that Little Passports has taken it into the classroom.  How exciting!  Give a gift to your child’s class or send this review to a teacher you know.  Inspire them to start incorporating international education into their studies and give them a great way to do it through Little Passports.

Subscription includes:

  • 6 Month World Edition Subscription
  • 30 individual passports
  • 30 individual sticker sets
  • Access to 6 digital Teacher Guides with bonus content for a classroom environment

About Little Passports:  Little Passports is a small company founded by two moms who are passionate about wanting their young children to be interested in other countries and cultures from the start.  This company prides themselves on having excellent customer service and has an open e-mail for suggestions and feedback from their customers that they take very seriously.  Check out their blog for additional travel fun.  This company has received the Parents Choice Award, the iParenting Award, and are a Parent Tested Parent Approved product.  Each year they surprise me with their new content and offers and it has inspired so much cultural learning in our home.  We love it!

Extra!  Little Passports also has a ‘Become An Agent’ program for parents that are interested in earning income through their company.  Check out this link if you are interested.

Little Passports World Classroom Subscription (For Teachers)

List Price: $ 16.50/ per month (six month subscription)

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