Moms Dish on Gorgeous Brinware’s Eco-Tableware for Tots


Moms Dish on Gorgeous Brinware’s Eco-Tableware for Tots

A Charming and Eco-friendly line of tableware for tots: Brinware.

Kids tableware has traditionally been made out of plastic, but Brinware adds a bit of grown-up glamour with beautiful scenes of a garden party or aquatic life printed onto the back of tempered glass dishes. Yes, I said GLASS!  With glass, there is no fear of BPA, lead or phthalates.   And tempered glass is cushioned from slips or falls because it has a colorful silicone sleeve. The Brinware tableware looks adorable and elegant, but it is also very durable.  On top of that, you can microwave, wash in the dishwasher and use as you would any tableware.  In 2016, there are three new sets to choose; Barn Yard, Garden Party or School of Fish Dish.  Each product comes packaged in gift-giving boxes.

A Quick Ecology Lesson

Glass has been a trusted material for use on many products, including baby bottles for years.  By nature, glass is free of BPA, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of numbers of different plastics to figure out whether they are safe or not. Silicone is basically made of silicon (which occurs naturally in sand and rock), carbon, oxygen and hydrogen and therefore is not petroleum based. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and will not retain odors. Importantly it does not contain toxic chemicals like bishpenol-A, lead, PVC or phthalates. It is super durable so you can boil it, microwave it and dishwash it.  Learn more about the company’s product details and by reviewing these FAQs.

Artwork On Tempered Glass

Although the pretty scenes looked like an etching, they are actually printed on the back of the glass plate using a lead free ink. Brilliant! As their website,, explains, “After it is screen printed, the glass rolls through an oven where it tempers the glass and bakes the print onto the glass.”

So what is tempered glass? This style of dish glass is “physically and thermally stronger than regular glass because of the rapid heating and cooling process it endures during manufacturing. The plates are rolled through an oven, which heats it to more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The heated glass is rapidly cooled causing the surface of the glass to contract faster than the center giving it added strength.”

Brin  2 Pack- Garden Party Pink and It’s a Hoot Purple Plates (List Price: $19.99)

Turn every mealtime into a real hoot with these wonderful dishes!  My daughters absolutely adore their plates.  They are constructed from tempered glass with a silicone cover to provide an extra-durable layer of protection and slip resistance, these BPA- and phthalate-free dishes offer an alternative to plastic plates—with delightful designs to boot.  Each features a whimsical woodland scene with bright-eyed owls, beautiful birds, and fluttering butterflies.  Tempered glass dishes measure 7.5″ and each comes with removable silicone cover. Both are microwave and dishwasher safe.

ABOUT BRINWARE:  Brinware is dedicated to making the safest, cutest, most responsibly created children’s tableware – ever! Brinware is what happens when you combine the care and concern of a parent with the creativity and passion of an artist – vibrant tableware that is a feast for young eyes and addresses the growing demand for safe alternatives to plastic. Brinware achieves this by using only two simple materials: Glass and Silicone. Brinware’s durable dishware is created from tempered glass for strength, purity and safety. Each piece is then paired with a colorful, removable, patented, silicone sleeve that offers slip and break resistance for an even more durable combination. The silicone sleeve removes easily allowing you to mix and match your colors and to pop all the pieces in the dishwasher for easy, thorough cleaning. A great alternative to plastic patio dishware, too! Brinware – nurturing a brighter future. Check out their Plates, Bibs, Placemats, and Containers.

Moms Dish on Gorgeous Brinware’s Eco-Tableware for Tots

List Price: $ Varies by Product ( select retailers)

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