Quarto Knows Lifecycles Books for Kids


Quarto Knows Lifecycles Books for Kids

From kangaroos and sharks to chickens and sunflowers, each title in this series is packed with facts about a life cycle. Photographs show children the processes that animals and plants go through on their way to being fully grown.

My oldest daughter has been obsessed with life cycles since she began a project at kindergarten of the life cycle of a butterfly.  Not just any butterfly, she will be quick to tell you, but specifically the Monarch butterfly.  She learned so much about the Monarch and they even made a butterfly garden at their school and watched as the butterflies hatched from their chrysalis.  One of her projects included making a labeled diagram of the butterfly and she learned about how they grow and develop. Butterflies may be one of the more popular ways to teach kids about life cycles, but as you will soon see, there are MANY, MANY ways to teach all the different lifecycles in nature and Quarto Knows has a wonderful selection of books just about life cycles.

Discover the amazing stages of different life cycles and learn all about your favorite species with this stunning series. Each book talks about different ways that plants and animals are born, how they grow, and how they reproduce in a very age appropriate way.  Every book has amazing photographs, easy-to-understand text, and discussion points for further learning.  I was very impressed that the book contained the following additions which is awesome for young kids that are transitioning from picture books to chapter books:

  • Table of Contents
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Notes for Parents and Teachers

All of the books we have read in the series so far (yes, there are MORE!) are fun, educational, and Brooke and I like to discuss them again and again.  It’s a great series for a library or a classroom….or even in your child’s own bookshelf.  QED Publishing just came out with US versions of these originally UK-made books, so check it out on the Quarto Knows website or through Amazon.com.  Happy Reading!

CB  Caterpillar to Butterfly (Lifecycles) (List Price: $ 8.95)

What do caterpillars eat?  Where do butterflies lay their eggs?  How long do butterflies live?  This book looks at the life cycle of a butterfly.

EC  Egg To Chicken (LifeCycles) (List Price: $ 8.95)

How many eggs do hens lay? Where do hens build their nests? What do chicks eat?  This book looks at the life cycle of a chicken.

SS  Seed to Sunflower (Lifecycles) (List Price: $ 8.95)

How do sunflowers begin?  What do sunflowers need to grow?  When do flowers open?  This book looks at the life cycle of a sunflower.

AO  Acorn to Oak Tree (LifeCycles) (List Price: $ 8.95)

Where do acorns come from? How do acorns grow into trees? What is a catkin? This book looks at the life cycle of an oak tree.

TF  Tadpole to Frog (LifeCycles) (List Price: $ 8.95)

What is frogspawn? How do tadpoles swim? When do tadpoles become frogs?  This book looks at the life cycle of a frog.

EB  Egg To Bee (LifeCycles) (List Price: $ 8.95)

What is a worker bee? How do bees collect pollen? Where do bees live?  This book looks at the life cycle of a bee.

About the Author:  Camilla de le Bedoyere was a teacher for 10 years before she became a full-time nonfiction author. She has written more than 250 books for children. Camilla is currently Editor of the Children’s Page of a British national newspaper.

Quarto Knows Lifecycles Books for Kids


List Price: $ 8.95 (Paperback)

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