Lull Baby To Sleep In A Heartbeat (Or With The Ocean) With Big Red Rooster’s Sound Machine


Lull Baby To Sleep In A Heartbeat (Or With The Ocean) With Big Red Rooster’s Sound Machine

Sleek White Design Blends With Nursery Décor Providing A Sound Sleep and Good Morning For Babies and Their Sleep Deprived Parents!

If I ever made a list of tips to get your babies or young children to go to sleep, it would contain a sound machine.  My toddler still uses one and my first grader has a relaxation sound machine that has a story and song at bedtime to help her catch her Zzzs.  I always had difficulty going to sleep even as a baby (just ask my mom!) and I learned the power of relaxation tapes in high school and they are still useful for me now.  On top of that, I learned some relaxation techniques while doing Biofeedback, such as tensing and un-tensing your muscles, that I’ve taught Brooke before bedtime.  Bedtime rituals and learning how to relax are so important at night because just like babies learn to self-soothe, these skills also help you into adulthood to get the vital sleep you need each night.  I had sound machines for both my girls as babies and not all sound machines are created equal.  You want one that has different sound options, one that has different settings for time, and one that can easily travel with you while on-the-go.

Will I ever get a good night’s sleep? is the universal plea from first-time parents. Tips on how to lull baby to sleep can fill a bookshelf. But one clever sound machine by Big Red Rooster can do the trick in 15 or 30 or 60 minutes! Ahhhh, listen to the ocean, a heartbeat, a lullaby, rock-a-bye, twinkle twinkle or white noise with the sleek Baby Sound Machine that is brand new on the market.   Baby3

Brian Johnson, founder of Big Red Rooster, assures parents that “babies fall asleep easier, sleep better and wake up refreshed” with the sleek white must-have for the baby’s room. The affordable price tag becomes priceless when a sound night’s sleep is involved. And with its small design, it becomes a portable product that fits in a suitcase to Grandma’s house or off to a week at the beach.

Caregivers can select one of six sounds, allowing baby to be accustomed to one sound or try a different one every night! The easy-to-read buttons say “Twinkle” or “White Noise” or “Heartbeat,” for example. The optional timer offers three choices from 15 to 60 minutes. Pick a spot in the nursery and plug the sound machine into any outlet with the enclosed AC adaptor. When taking the machine on the road, use the handy 3 AA battery option.


  • 6 high quality lullabies and sounds: heartbeat, lullaby, ocean, rock-a-bye, twinkle, white noise
  • Soothing sounds mask background noises to create an ideal sleeping environment for your baby. Babies fall asleep easier, sleep better and wake-up refreshed
  • 15, 30 and 60 minute optional sleep timer
  • Portable design.  Great for travel!
  • Powered by an AC adaptor (included) or 3 AA batteries

Lull Baby To Sleep In A Heartbeat (Or With The Ocean) With Big Red Rooster’s Sound Machine

List Price: $ 24.99 (It’s also available at Amazon.)


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