Brio SmartClean Premium Sonic Toothbrush


Brio SmartClean Premium Sonic Toothbrush

The Brio SmartClean can freshen and cleanse your mouth in ways that put a manual toothbrush to shame.

I’ve written about how sonic toothbrushes (aka electric toothbrushes) do a fantastic job at cleaning your teeth because they can do something our hands can’t – using an optimal 31,000 brush oscillations per minute!  Whew!  The sonic vibrations leave your teeth feeling cleaner, healthier and even brighter. Once you start using a mechanical brush, it is very hard to switch back to a manual brush because it does make a huge difference.  So while any electric toothbrush will outperform a manual toothbrush in the cleanliness of your teeth, there are some big differences in the type and brand of the sonic toothbrush you use.  Today I’m going to talk about the Brio SmartClean Premium Sonic Toothbrush because it is the kind that I use and my teeth feel much stronger because of it!

First, why ARE sonic toothbrushes better?

  • Micro-bubbles are created by the toothbrush’s sonic vibrations and use the fluid in your mouth, not just the bristles, to clean your teeth and gums more effectively.
  • Almost all sonic brushes have a two-minute timer and with 30-second zone reminders ensure your entire mouth is cleaned.
  • You won’t make the mistake of overly aggressive brushing – a common problem with manual toothbrushes that can weaken your teeth.
  • Sonic brushes are able to obtain the optimal 31,000 brush oscillations per minute for perfect brushing!

Why is Brio’s SmartClean better?

  • The SmartClean boasts a larger than average lithium battery that will sustain your brush for 6 weeks between charges.
  • The single button operation offers 3 brushing modes, all of which use a 30-second zone reminder.
  • Replacement heads for the SmartClean cost less than half (yes, HALF!) of what most other brands charge and they offer an even cheaper and convenient subscription head replacement service.
  • Featured in CLINICIANS REPORT as BEST products of 2015!

My Thoughts:

I love the Brio SmartClean brush because it has been a few years since I had a sonic toothbrush (bad move, I know!) and I noticed the difference in how clean my teeth felt immediately after the first use.  I also want to mention how important dental care is if you are pregnant or nursing because after I had Brie, I had lots of dental issues and discovered I was extremely Vitamin D deficient (which actually did  affect two of Brie’s baby teeth, but it won’t affect her permanent teeth – THANK GOODNESS!)  My dentist told me that women who are pregnant and nursing have hormonal changes that impact their teeth and can make them more susceptible to cavities.  Yikes!  I wish I had known all of that before having my last child, but at least my readers know from my experience!  The Brio SmartClean system comes with 2 brush heads that are said to have ‘optimal bristles’ that offer perfect balance to clean and whiten your teeth while still being gentle on your gums.  I completely agree with that and haven’t had any issues with the brush heads.  I also thought that the Subscription Brush Head Replacement Program that Brio offers is very smart.  I know I tend to forget when I need to change the head of my toothbrush, so this makes it so much easier.  I also LOVE the two minute reminder timer of how long I should be brushing my teeth with little 30-second zone reminders to make sure I’m hitting all four quadrants of my mouth.  Yay!  Not only is the Brio SmartClean Toothbrush highly effective, it is also cost-effective compared to other sonic brushes on the market.  I honestly don’t see any difference to ones I have used in the past, but paid a higher price tag.  Brio supports their claim with a 2 year warranty on their toothbrush, which sounds very confident to me!  Two healthy teeth up for the Brio SmartClean Premium Sonic Toothbrush!  Brush Smarter with the Brio SmartClean.

How to Care for your Brio SmartClean Toothbrush:

  • Thoroughly rinse brush head and bristles after each use. Towel dry and remove excess water after rinsing.
  • Occasionally remove brush head to clean handle and head separately under running water. Use caution not to fully submerge the brush handle.
  • Make sure to unplug the charging unit before cleaning it.
  • The charging unit should only be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. Never submerge the charging unit or hold it under running water
  • Do not plug in the charging unit until it is completely dry.
  • Click here to view full instructions.

Scoop!  Brio is currently working on a new model toothbrush that will be available in about 6 months.

Brio SmartClean Premium Sonic Toothbrush

List Price: $ 68.00 (Can be purchased through Amazon Prime at the following link)

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