Winnie & Waldorf: Disobedience School (Winnie and Waldorf) (Hardcover)


Winnie & Waldorf: Disobedience School (Winnie and Waldorf) (Hardcover)

Waldorf has been misbehaving! Winnie decides it is time he enrolls in Winnie’s school for disobedient dogs.

In this hilarious follow-up to Winnie and Waldorf, Winnie thinks it’s about time Waldorf enrolls in her own school for disobedient dogs after he runs off from his leash one too many times.  Winnie sets up her homemade class with all the things you would expect to do in kindergarten.  Surprisingly, Waldorf seems to be very good at school and is a natural student.  He makes great art work, takes a perfect nap, and even can subtract easily by munching on bones.  Winnie is impressed, that is, until RECESS.  During Waldorf’s tennis lesson, he immediately grabs the ball in his mouth and starts to run!  OH NO!  Maybe her obedience school isn’t working after all!

Just as Winnie was about to give up on teaching Waldorf, both friends notice that the neighbor’s dog is in trouble as he starts to rush into the street into oncoming traffic! Will Waldorf know just what to do to save the day? I won’t leave you in too much suspense, so I’ll just say that Waldorf shows how heroic he can be, especially when he is just being himself.  Waldorf even gets the privilege of walking Winnie to kindergarten the next day – this time no running off!  Yay!

About the Author/Illustrator:  Kati Hites, a Hungarian American, grew up in Oakland, New York, and Europe. She studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, focusing on children’s book illustration. Kati also spent time studying astrophysics at Columbia University. When she isn’t drawing or painting, she’s probably gardening, bird-watching, or reading about astronomy. A constant source of inspiration is her dog, Matyi, and their adventures together.

Winnie & Waldorf: Disobedience School (Winnie and Waldorf) (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.99  (On sale through for $14.37)

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