Life Pearls – Weekly Interactive Activity App that Offer Project Ideas to do with your Children


Life Pearls – Weekly Interactive Activity App that Offer Project Ideas to do with your Children

Life Pearls, an innovative company that sells an amazing new kind of baby shower gift – interactive memories!

What is Life Pearls? Instead of writing about it first, I want you to check out this video that is less than two minutes (I promise) to explain how Life Pearl works HEREDone watching yet?  If not, go back and watch and then we can chat.

Done?  OK!  So, the overview of Life Pearls is it is an app that gives you weekly activities to complete with your child and you can purchase a container of pearls to symbolize each complete activity.  The wonderful thing about Life Pearls is that you can start this activity app at anytime, any age, and can use it for multiple children.  You simply plug in the date of birth of each child and the app starts sending you activities from that point forward.  Since Brooke and Brie are three years apart in age, it was important that we had age-appropriate activities to do for each of them.  I also like that these are WEEKLY activities.  With two working parents and two kids in school, we don’t have a lot of downtime during the weekdays, but I figured a weekly activity each would be feasible.  I was about to find out!

Life3Life Pearls App is FREE to download at the App Store, but the code to unlock the subscription is on a paper inside each Life Pearl’s vase!


Life1  Take out a pearl from the Life Pearls container each time you and your child complete an activity!  $ 39.99 USD

What do I do with all those pearls?  Great question!  Each week you withdraw a pearl as a reminder to yourself and your child of the time you spent together, the pearls are a wonderful keepsake reminder of cherishing the time you spend with your child.  You can create DIY projects, you can also store them and give them to your child/ren when they have kids of their own, or even have a special keepsake box (which we are doing) to store them.  The Life Pearls website has many great ideas on their website which I will link to here:

What kind of activities are we talking about?  There are so many great examples from the website, but here are two for each of my daughters in one week:

2 year old:


What you need:
Cut-up and frozen bananas, seasoning of choice (fresh berries, peanut butter, nutella, honey) and a blender

Once the bananas are frozen, ask your child to help you place them in the blender. Then, help him/her add the seasoning of their choice. Blend the mixture until the consistency is quite thick and smooth. Serve right away for an easy, healthy treat !

5 year old:


What you need:
Old forks and spoons, a drill and some string

Drill holes in the stems of the utensils. Encourage your child to string them, and attach them together at different heights. Place outside, and enjoy your new home made wind chime!


LifeApp Membership Card

FullSizeRender  Our Life Pearls Jar.

Our family’s thoughts on Life Pearls:

To be very honest, I thought Bob and I were going to have a tough time keeping up with even weekly planned activities with the girls.  We live pretty full lives and spend a lot of time doing things outdoors, going to plays, going to concerts, and doing lots of reading in our sparse weekends that come and go in a blink of an eye.  We had our notifications and advice set up to be sent each week on Saturday at 7:00 am, which is when the girls usually get up on the weekends, so we really looked forward to getting them each week!  Bob and I are creative people, but some of the activities I noted on their website involved tools (yikes!) and baking (great for Bob, yikes for me!) and things I’ve never attempted doing.  What if I failed at making it fun?  The great thing I personally learned from Life Pearls is it isn’t the end result that matters (although it’s WONDERFUL when it all works out) it’s the time spent together with the kids and it’s also being able to learn from mistakes without getting upset.  There are so many fun activities to do, some we’ve done before on our own, and some we have never thought about, such as filling up our empty bathtub with stuffed animals so your child can pretend they are having a party to making snack time fun by telling your child there is a special magic word you have to say before you can take a bite for each snack.  Some activities are geared towards learning certain skills; from motor skills to patience, but many are just plain FUN things to do with your kid.

I love the weekly advice the app provides regarding each child under the Life Pearls account.  For example, for the advice for Brie the week of May 25th included the sweet passage, “What a wonderful week to be encouraged and to continue in your role as a parent.  You should be smiling because your joy is contagious!  Give yourself a pat on the back: you are doing great.”  I find the weekly reminders are little nuggets of gentle encouragement and that it’s important, as parents, to model good behavior is always watching you.  I find advice, such as potty training toddlers, is always on point and that ‘every failed attempt at your child using the potty on their own just means a step closer to success’ is a great thing to remember, especially if you are a first time parent.  Being a parent is not a race to meet specific goals of a non-existent bar for each of your children, it’s learning together about your child’s strengths and interest so that they can grow into content and well-adjusted adults.

The time is spent with a purpose and with a quality that I came to appreciate.  I don’t think it would have been as effective if our oldest, Brooke, wasn’t so keenly aware and intent on the Life Pearls vase that she looked forward to ‘unlocking’ each week.  She knew when it was time to do a new activity and wouldn’t stop until we would begin.  Our two year old is perfectly happy going with the flow and can draw with sidewalk chalk for hours, but the app reminders on top of Brooke reminders meant that we kept the game going each week.  The funny thing is that the girls wanted to do their events TOGETHER.  While some activities were not appropriate for Brie to take part in, she still wanted to be there soaking it all in.  Sometimes Bob and I would pair off with each girl and sometimes we did activities together.  It just depended on our schedule and level of difficulty on Brooke’s activities.  Bottom line, we have had a blast and since the cost of the app is so inexpensive and we already have the start-up of the vase, we plan to keep this going as long as the girls want to stay involved.  I have to admit, that because we have the app until the girls reach their 18th birthday, you get to see the countdown of exactly HOW MANY weekends each child has left until they reach that milestone.  When I see that Brooke only has around 600 weekends left, it seems too far yet so soon at the same time.  WOW.  Talk to me when Brooke is a tween, but I see us doing Life Pearls for many years to come.  This is a definite thumbs up experience for me with a recommendation to give it a try with your own family!

FullSizeRender  Brooke’s Life Pearls she keeps in her jewelry box.

Who are Life Pearls: Life Pearls was created by husband and wife team, David and Audrey, as a way to encourage themselves and other parents to spend more quality time with their children.  It wasn’t spending time on objects, it was living their parenting lives to the fullest with their children in doing activities that would allow their children to blossom into stronger individuals, contributors to society and give them a loving and caring upbringing.  Every moment spent with a child is valuable and that life speeds past if you don’t take a moment to enjoy it, we believe that the world would be a better place.

“We want good things to happen in the world, and we believe our product can make a difference.” – Audry, CEO Life Pearls

Life Pearls – Weekly Interactive Activity App that Offer Project Ideas to do with your Children

List Price: $ 3.99 (1 year subscription), $17.99 (5 year subscription), and $29.99 (18 year subscription)

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