Gotcha Covered Personalized Notebooks


Gotcha Covered Personalized Notebooks

Notebooks with Personality! Let your child’s imagination run wild! Create a personalized notebook that will inspire them to love writing, drawing and reading.

I think when you encourage your children to read, you are in some way also encouraging them to draw and write.  At least, that’s how it has worked out with my oldest daughter, Brooke.  She loves to make up stories and illustrate them and she does it without me asking her to do it.  However, I do like to encourage her by getting her special supplies and things I know she will love to use.  When I saw this adorable Magic Unicorn personalized notebook by Gotcha Covered, I said, “YES!, YES! YES! Brooke will love it!”  She likes having special notebooks where she can write or draw stories and this one is extra magical.
The Gotcha Covered Magical Unicorn personalized notebook features a vintage-style fantasy print, that I personalized with Brooke’s name and put a special message on the back.  OK, I’ll share what I wrote.  I put, “To my favorite artist and author.  Love, Mom”.  Awwww.  Yeah, I thought that was pretty special, too.  I even got to personalize the size of the spiral notebook (I got large, of course) with wide-ruled lines and a red spiral color, so it’s a one-of-a-kind gift for my special gal.  Gotcha Covered isn’t just for girls or children, oh no, you can shop by recipient which includes, boys, girls, adults, and all of the above.  Their website is easy to maneuver and SO SIMPLE to personalize.  It seriously only took me minutes to create exactly the notebook I wanted for Brooke.  Soon she’ll be back to school starting first grade and I love knowing that she has stayed on top of reading and writing all summer so that she is fresh and ready for school to begin – fancy personalized notebook included!
About Gotcha Covered:  Gotcha Covered Notebooks is a Waynesboro, PA company that believes that the celebration of family, friends, and children is of the utmost importance. Though they specialize in notebooks, children are their real passion! They want every child to feel special, and what better way to do that than by giving them a gift created especially for them! Their goal is to give you more choices than our competitors to provide a perfect, affordable gift for the person receiving it. Awww!  Gotcha Covered is an SGP certified facility (think GREEN!) and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act compliant.
Remember!  FREE Shipping on ALL orders over $30.00!

Gotcha Covered Personalized Notebooks

List Price: $ 14.99 (Large Personalized Notebook)

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