Skip to the Loo, My Darling! A Potty Book (Hardcover)


Skip to the Loo, My Darling! A Potty Book (Hardcover)

Candlewick Press is one of the fastest-growing children’s book publishers in the US, creating beautiful, high-quality children’s books.

I feel like I need to explain the reason I found this title so amusing and it’s all about changing a traditional song into a potty song.  I may not need to tell you that the song “Skip to My Lou” has been a popular children’s song that is based off an American dance song from the 1840s.  The “Lou” in this song apparently comes from the Scottish word ‘loo’ that means ‘love’.  Well, ‘loo’ is also a mainly British slang term for the word ‘toilet’.  There are many theories as to how the word ‘loo’ became associated with a toilet, from an old European term calling restrooms “Room 100” to back in the day when people used to throw their ‘waste’ outside the window shouting “Gardez l’eau” [gar-day low], which is French for for “watch out for the water”.  Although I haven’t been able to confirm the correct origin, the song “Skip to my Lou” and the book “Skip to the Loo” have completely separate meanings and the latter also makes a fantastic potty book that you can also use to the tune of the song.  Brilliant!

Before reading the book to my toddler, I immediately realized that the illustrations were familiar and that is because Anita Jeram also illustrates one of our favorite children’s book, Guess How Much I Love You?  So cute!  Then once I started reading it, the author, Sally Lloyd-Jones, has a wonderful way with rhyming and it’s quite easy and fast to read “Skip to the Loo, My Darling!”  The whole premise is about Bunny who needs to go to the potty.  Bunny needs to go RIGHT NOW, so off Bunny goes skipping to the loo.  The only thing is, many other animals are also answering the call to nature, so it turns into a potty party complete with dodos and elephants.  Believe me when I say I’ve read A LOT of potty books for kids, in fact, our bathroom has a book holder just for these books.  Young children, especially those who are potty-training, LOVE potty books and they are a great way for kids to pass the time as they are sitting on the loo.

While I have my favorite ‘potty books’ and the girls have had theirs, this was one book that both Brie and I could both enjoy because it was fun, lively, and an animal potty party is quite amusing.  We’ve even started singing, “Loo, Loo, skip to the loo!” if Brie has to use the restroom and she’s off and running.  Since this is my second and final go-around with helping my daughter master the fine art of pooing in a potty, and I’ve become pretty lax with the notion that whatever works and makes Brie want to use the loo, is totally fine with me and this book happens to work with her.  While I was doing potty dances and singing crazy songs with Brooke years ago, I actually prefer using this fun book in connection with a song I learned as a child to get her to skip off to her little potty.  I know it won’t be long before she’s using the real potty like her older sister and her preschool mates have made this transition a little easier by giving her plenty of friends who are learning the same milestone.  Whether potty training your child is a one weekend craze-fest or months of ups and downs and set-backs, unless there is some underlying issue, your child will start using the toilet when their body and mind are ready for it, so we are doing it this way while skipping and I have to say it’s more enjoyable than I thought it would be!  Here’s to NO MORE DIAPERS, parents, because it does happen…..eventually, it really does!

About the Author:  Sally Lloyd-Jones is the author of the picture book How to Be a Baby, illustrated by Sue Heap, and its sequel, How to Get Married. She lives in New York.

About the Illustrator:  Anita Jeram is the illustrator of Guess How Much I Love You, the Guess How Much I Love You storybooks, and You’re All My Favorites, all written by Sam McBratney. She has also illustrated several books by Amy Hest: Little Chick and a series about Sam and Mrs. Bear. Anita Jeram lives in Northern Ireland.

Skip to the Loo, My Darling! A Potty Book (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 11.99 (Currently on sale through Amazon Prime for $8.43)

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