What Could It Be?: Exploring the Imaginative World of Shapes (Hardcover)

What Could

What Could It Be?: Exploring the Imaginative World of Shapes (Hardcover)

This concept book for kids is all about unleashing creativity, thinking outside the square and opening the mind to possibility!

One of the ways I taught Brooke her ABCs when she was a toddler was to have her learn each letter individually. To trace the letter, understand how the letter sounds, and even ways you can turn a letter into another letter just by moving it around.  She was fascinated that I could make an “M” look like a “W” or an “E” like an “M” or a “W”….there are many more, but I have tired mommy brain at the moment, so those examples will have to do.  Basically, though, what I’m getting at is I think teaching is fun when you think outside the box.  This year in kindergarten Brooke went from learning about 2-D shapes to 3-D shapes and it’s always fun to read a book that reinforces things children know by referencing them at home.  That’s why we love the new EK Books brand new book called “What Could It Be?”

“What Could It Be?” is part picture book and part interactive artistic inspiration for young children to think about shapes in new and different ways.  A triangle could be a mountaintop, a hexagon can be a pattern on a soccer ball, and an oval could be a shape of a tea kettle.  You can also spot different colors in each shape and can spend time playing “I Spy” with your child as you read through this book.  Our youngest, Brie, certainly enjoyed it as well since she has learned her basic shapes in preschool.  This book goes far beyond just talking about shapes, it opens the door for creative thinking by posing the question, ‘What else could it be?’

Learn more!  Download templates that complement this book at http://www.whatcoulditbe.ekbooks.com.au for some fun home activities.  You can create, trace and have fun with shapes and even upload your artwork on the website for others to see.  How fun!

About the AuthorSally Fawcett is a primary school teacher with a passion for art, creative writing and education. Her three children are a constant source of inspiration for ideas, and have triggered many of her writing and illustrating adventures. Sally’s motivation for creating picture books is to engage adults and children in a shared experience that will hopefully foster a life-long love of reading, creativity and tapping into the power of the imagination.

What Could It Be?: Exploring the Imaginative World of Shapes (Hardcover)


List Price: $17.99

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