Memoirs of a Parrot (Hardcover)


Memoirs of a Parrot (Hardcover)

Join a brilliant, but stubborn, parrot as he endures the banality of the pet store before being purchased by an equally insufferable young man.

It must be extremely frustrating to know what you want to say and not have people understand you.  I see that look in my toddler’s eyes when I ask her to repeat herself.  I’m pretty good at Brie-speak for the most part, but since she now has a very massive vocabulary, certain words can sound a little off and she doesn’t like when I don’t get her!  In Memoirs of a Parrot, the story of miscommunication and intention are the main subject matter when a pet store Parrot named Brock soon realizes he is moving into a new home with a human.  Gasp!

Brock is not happy about being ‘bought’ by a human and off he goes to live with his new person, Todd.  Todd lives in a small apartment and plays music while Brock, unhappy in his new environment and missing his pet store friend Tik-Tok, decides he will not be happy here.  While Brock can speak ‘Human’, he decides to not let Todd in on his secret, so when Todd asks him to repeat things like “Please” and “Thank You” all Brock will say is “CROOP!”  Todd even re-names him to ‘Echo’ which displeases Brock even more and Todd decides to go back to the pet store to see if there is anything  he can do to help acclimate his new animal.

Luckily, Brock (errr-Echo’s) friend Tik-Tok is still there and asks him if he has a nice clean place to live.  “Yes”, Echo says.  “Are you being feed and given attention?”  “Yes”, Echo admits again.  “He sounds nice”, says Tik-Tok, “maybe you can become friends.”  Echo, meanwhile, thinks to himself “FAT CHANCE!”  Without giving away the entire story, while things between parrot and owner get off to a rocky start, each party both come around and appreciate each other in the end.  In fact, they may even be the BEST of friends.  I love how this book talks about the barriers involved in communication and with patience and understanding people (and animals) can become friends.  It’s a great book to read to younger kids and I thought it was fun talking to my oldest daughter Brooke about Brie-speak and how her little sister can get just as frustrated as Brock when we don’t understand her.  This story really hit that idea home.  Awesome!

About the Author:  Devin Scillian is an award-winning author and Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist.  He has been writing as a broadcast journalist since 1984.  Devin lives in Michigan and anchors the news for WDIX-TV in Detroit.  He is the author of more than 10 books with Sleeping Bear Press, including the best-selling Memoirs of a Goldfish and A is for America: An American Alphabet.

About the Illustrator:  Tim Bowers has illustrated over thirty children’s books, including Rappy the Raptor and the New York Times bestsellers Dream Big, Little Pig! by Kristi Yamaguchi and Dinosaur Pet by Neil and Marc Sedaka. His artwork has received numerous state and national awards and recognition, including the Children’s Choice Award and Junior Library Guild selections. Each year, Tim travels to schools and libraries to promote literacy and share his artwork with students. He lives with his wife in Granville, Ohio.

Memoirs of a Parrot (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 16.99 (eBook Available)

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