Danny Weinkauf’s Red Pants Band CD (All Ages)


Danny Weinkauf’s Red Pants Band CD (All Ages)

GRAMMY Winner Danny Weinkauf (of They Might Be Giants fame) Releases Second Solo Family Music Album.  Available July 8 2016 at iTunes, cdbaby, and Amazon.com

Weinkauf ring a bell?  Scratch head?  *crickets*  How about They Might Be Giants???? OK!  Well, I definitely think you will want to remember his name now……

TMBG to us fans, they are a significant rock band that-in case you really have been living under a rock- you may not even realize you know.  Ever see an episode of the TV show Malcolm in the Middle?  TMBG did the theme song “Boss of Me.”  If you listened to a pop music station or watched Tiny Toon Adventures in the 1990s you know their song- a remake from the 1950s- “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”.  While gems like “Birdhouse In Your Soul” (from Flood, 1990) and “Don’t Let’s Start” (from They Might Be Giants, 1986) are fantastic songs in their long-spanning career that began in 1982, it is their science songs I love the best.  From “Particle Man” (from Flood, 1990) to “Tesla” (from Nanobots, 2013) TMBGs appeal spans all ages.  It is no wonder TMBG also struck gold with children’s albums with their fun but intelligent songs over the years.  TMBG member since the 1990s, NYC based musician Danny Weinkauf, has written children’s songs on TMBG’s albums and played with a variety of musicians and groups (Fountains of Wayne, Candy Butchers and Mike Viola, David Mead, Stephen Fretwell, the Davenports, etc.).  So…yeah…….

It was time Danny had his very own children’s album and he released one back in 2014 called No School Today Remember that?  Danny’s 16-track album was completely funded by Kickstarter which surpassed its original funding goal of $12,999.  WOW!  No School Today won multiple awards and accolades and included the hit songs “Champion of the Spelling Bee”, “The Moon Is Made of Cheese,”  and “Our Love Fits” (featuring the always lovely Laurie Berkner).  Danny’s musical friends and TMBG bandmates have been so supportive of his children’s album including him signing his own record contract through TMBG’s imprint Idlewild records.  Danny’s songs are always so positive, upbeat and smart, so I was wondering if he was going to do a second solo album.  I don’t have to wonder any longer!

Two years have passed (OMG!  Really?!?!) and now it is time for Danny Weinkauf, Grammy winner and longtime bassist for TMBG, to release his second children’s music album called Red Pants Band.  This time the album was fully funded by a PledgeMusic campaign and this album does not disappoint.  It has very poppy, fun, and power packed tunes that includes interesting and intellectual topics from astronomy to botany….and some hilarious songs like “Driving Me Crazy” thrown in for good measure.  This time the Red Pants Band album features six different singers and a wide range of musical styles, and my family was really excited about this interesting style of music throughout all the tracks.  Guest performers include the woman behind several TMBG hits, Robin Goldwasser, Beach Boys musical director Scott Totten, Danny’s wife Michelle and son Kai, and Red Pants Band’s own Tina Kenny Jones. Two of the albums tracks, “Only One You” and “Picky Eaters,” have already received extensive play on SiriusXM Kids Place Live and other radio shows. Go check it out – NOW!  Yes, right now.

Red Pants Band Track Listing

  1. Danny Weinkauf and his Red Pants Band
  2. Look at Those Clouds
  3. Only One You
  4. Botany
  5. Eyes in the Back of Her Head
  6. My Magic Helicopter
  7. Antithesis
  8. Love Is in the Air
  9. This Dog’s Best Friend
  10. Picky Eaters
  11. Groovy Red Pants
  12. Driving Me Crazy
  13. Three Little Words
  14. Rubber Ball
  15. One Big Happy Family

Busy Danny!  This past year Danny contributed his International Songwriting Competition winning song “Elephants” to the TMBG album Why? He also produced a video for his song “B Is for Build,” which will air on an upcoming episode of Sesame Street.  Check it out!

Danny Weinkauf’s Red Pants Band CD (All Ages)


List Price: $ 10.00 (Digital download)

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