Arched Irish Fairy Door by the The Irish Fairy Door Company

Fairy  All you need to do is believe!

Arched Irish Fairy Door by the The Irish Fairy Door Company

Wooden Irish fairy door created in Ireland and sprinkled with real magic, ready for your fairy to move in!

As I have written before, my maiden name and my paternal family lineage is Irish.  Scots-Irish if you want to go back further!  That part of my lineage came to America in 1725 (an uncle came first in 1674) from a Scotch-Irish settlement in northern Ireland (Balleymoney, Ireland to be exact) settling in Marsh Creek, PA.   My ancestors came to the United States for, among other things, religious freedom and eventually my part of the family tree settled into the Appalachian area of Ohio.  My ancestors were the main group of immigrants of that time who came to Appalachia and were known for being rugged, strong, simple, and stern with a love of freedom that Teddy Roosevelt once said the ‘Scots-Irish were the best suited to settle the area’.

The exodus of these Scots-Irish started when 100 years earlier when King James of England was tired of battling with lowland Scotsman and offered them farms in northern Ireland where he considered the Irish ‘bothersome’.  These borderland Scots moved to northern Ireland, like my family, and they merged with the Irish (mixing language and culture) the Scots-Irish almost a century later began being persecuted for their religion (my ancestors being Catholic) and were facing raises in their taxes of their farm lands and decided to head to Appalachia where there was plenty of land to settle with not a lot of people interested in permanently settling the mountainous areas with fertile soil.  Their influence in Appalachia is quite strong as they were considered ‘foot loose’ and ‘hot tempered’ and fought for their land and began making whiskey pretty soon after arriving.  They also brought music (especially the fiddle), pottery, culinary skills, and were quite independent people.  Within their culture, the Scot-Irish also brought their folklore, which includes the notion of fairies.

Fairy is the modern term for these so-called supernatural beings.  The term ‘faerie’ is derived from “Fé erie”, meaning the enchantment of the fées, while fé is derived from fay, which is itself derived from fatae, or the fates.  Clear as mud?  Folkloric theories of fairies assume the faeries are actually real and explain how they came to exist.  Theories include fairies being fallen angels, to beings who are stuck on an Earthly purgatory, to direct descendants from Eve.  There are so many fairy stories that exist; from protectors, to good luck fortunes, to being villainous kidnappers of humans to even using their powers for things for curing fertility issues.  Let’s just say, the folklore of fairies are contradictory in nature yet the legend of the faerie lives on and The Irish Fairy Door Company offers fun products that help families settle into their new homes that are ‘blessed’ by these magical creatures.

Since our family just moved into a new house and I wanted to bring in a little family history and magic into the home, I knew Brooke would get a kick out of having her very own Arched Irish Fairy Door in her room.  Each Irish fairy door comes with a magic key in a bottle, three stepping stones, the Family/Fairy Lease Agreement, a notepad for your fairy and the Fairy Welcome Guide.  Basically, it includes all you need to help settle your fairy into their new human home!  The box even includes a secret code to register your fairy’s name on The Fairy Workplace Log on our website, so that you and your child will be able to enjoy a magical interactive journey with exclusive stories and play ideas delivered direct from Fairy Valley on a weekly basis.

Fairy2  Each door is approximately 12 cm in height.

Each Irish Fairy door is suitable for either indoor and outdoor use although Brooke’s is prominently displayed in her room.  The company does recommend that if you are placing your fairy door outside to paint the door at least twice a year with a layer of exterior varnish to ensure your door stays as bright and magical as the day you bought it!  I think we all need a little magic in our lives and since this ties directly into our family’s heritage, we have been so happy to have fun discussions of our ancestors and about the folklore of fairies.  I won’t confide the name of our fairy (that’s not something they like), but I will say that the extra protection we are supposed to be offered is definitely a nice touch to this beautiful traditional folktale.  Hurrah for The Irish Fairy Door Company!

FullSizeRender  Brooke’s Irish Fairy Door!

About The Irish Fairy Door Company:  This company is based out of Dublin, Ireland.  It was specially selected by the Fairy Council to provide fairy doors for all locations – be it your home, your garden, the office, school or care center.  Each fairy door is given a portion of magic so that your new fairy can come and go between our world and Fairy Valley.  Each fairy is waiting eagerly to find his or her new home. The doors are sent out all over the world, just bursting with magic and wonder enabling every fairy to find his or her perfect home and family.  Only one question remains… Do You Believe?

Arched Irish Fairy Door by the The Irish Fairy Door Company

List Price: $ 24.99

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