Aquatune 9612 Speakers (For Families)


Aquatune 9612 Speakers (For Families)

Your life is a journey, take us with you.

There is one thing that really cements our family’s bond and it is music.  We are constantly singing, playing music, and even writing music together.  I’ve been playing guitar since I was young, so there are all sorts of stringed instruments strewn around our house and my husband was a percussionist in his middle school and high school years, so there is plenty of percussion instruments, too!  We also spend a great deal of time outdoors and we have been using various systems so that we can keep the music flowing wherever we go, but the systems we use are bulky and not really made to travel; although they do work well for backyard BBQs.  It was time we started looking for a speaker system that was mobile and could keep up with the weather elements of Texas.  I discovered Yatra’s audio line and knew that their Aquatune speakers were perfect for us!

Your life is a journey, and it’s much more fun traveling through it with good music. Yatra’s Aquatune line is the perfect combination of sound, mobility and endurance. Their go-anywhere speakers easily sync with your devices. With their signature ACS (All Condition Sound technology), fearlessly stream your tunes in life’s harshest environments: Weatherproof, Shockproof, Dustproof… Your ultimate outdoor companion!

Yatra’s audio line is the perfect combination of sound, mobility and endurance.  Innovation meets all-terrain. The Aquatune 9612 blasts rich, cinematic sound and endures extreme battery life (YES!). Rated IPX6 weatherproof, this superior speaker can be taken anywhere your outdoor journey leads you.  Our go-anywhere speakers easily sync with your devices, so we keep our mp3 players on us wherever we go!  We have specific soundtracks we have created for all occasions and now we can hear them at anytime and anywhere.  Weatherproof, Shockproof, Dustproof… Your Aquatune 9612 is the ultimate outdoor companion!

Aquatune 9612 speaker features:

  • Audio Streaming (A2DP)
  • Hands free calling (HFP)
  • Track & Volume Control (AVRCP)
  • USB Charging (Cable included)
  • 3.5mm Aux-in (Cable included)
  • IPX6 WATERPROOF – The speaker can be heavily splashed with water or left in the rain, but not submerged in water


  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS WEIGHT: 404 grams (a little over 14 oz!)
  • DIMENTIONS: 183mm x 68mm x 82mm
  • POWER SUPPLY: DC5V+-0.5/500mA
  • POWER: 9 Watt
  • SPEAKER UNIT: 3x 3W High Perforamce + 2x Bass Radiator Speakers
  • BATTERY: Built in 2000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable battery
  • OPERATING RANGE: Up to 10m (33ft)
  • BLUETOOTH: Version 2.1
  • PLAYTIME: Up to 12 Hours of playback depending on volume
  • CHARGING TIME: Approx. 2-3hrs

Check it out!  Yatra has three Aquatune speakers, so check out this fun video to get more familiar with the products!

About Yatra:  Yatra launched into the tech industry in 2014, bringing to life a brand that stands for innovation, performance, and value. Meaning Journey or Voyage Passage, the ancient word Yatra, embodies the mission of our company, which is to create premium tech products, at an affordable price, that support one’s journey.  Based in downtown Chicago, our team of inventors, designers and dreamers works tirelessly, combining technology and style, to create rugged, all weather, durable products built to sustain adventure.

Aquatune 9612 Speakers (For Families)

List Price: $ 59.99

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